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Negril Beach Resort Vacations For Couples


Negril is a beach resort town which is located in Jamaica and is about an hour and fifteen minutes drive from the Donald Sangster Airport in Montego Bay. Jamaica has a diverse geography and has the most beautiful beaches. It is famously known as the seven-mile beach and is just over 6.4 kilometers from Negril River. It will be an ideal place for Negril vacations so plan your Negril vacations soon.


Negril has been tourists’ favorite beach for many years for Negril vacations and has been rated amongst the top 10 beaches by many different magazines. The northern side of the beach has many resorts and can be called the home of resorts whereas the southern side is much smaller and has majorly family run hotels. Due to this reason there is a wide variety of hotels present for people interested in spending their vacations here because of the huge influx of hotels. Each hotel has different rates, therefore whatever your budget may be you will definitely find the resort of your choice. However, each resort has the best quality service therefore you will not be disappointed. The people in this region are also very hospitable and love to serve its guests, therefore you will definitely never feel that you are outside of your home town because you will be treated in such a good way that you will not feel like going back home.


The cliff area located in the south of Negril and also known as West End Road has numerous lines of resorts that have a lot of privacy therefore if you are planning a romantic date with your couple then it will be a perfect place because the place offers a lot of privacy. It is also a good place for snorkeling and diving, therefore if you want to spend your vacations doing that then you can visit this region and enjoy the beautiful place for the best snorkeling adventure of your life therefore you should plan you Negril vacations right away.

Tips and comments

There are many different small shops with which the beach resorts are surrounded. These are generally located in the southern end because there are much more private resorts here. Negril is still a very underdeveloped region and this can become a factor which can deter you from visiting this place however, this fact has not affected the place at all, the best part is that this will not last forever because the Montego Bay highway is bringing in more and more tourists. However, the underdeveloped factor has not deterred the tourist in the least bit because the number of tourists keeps on increasing in the region and a high number of tourists are generally college students. Therefore, by reading the above mentioned facts you can easily make sure that if you are planning a romantic getaway here, then the best region to visit would be the southern side of Negril because that is much more enclosed and private and you can spend a lot of time without your privacy being intruded. The southern side has an equal amount of fun as the northern side; therefore the fact that it is more enclosed does not make it any less fun. Plan your Negril vacations soon.

By Amara, published at 02/03/2012
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