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Spend Vacations In Zante Island

Published at 07/17/2011 23:24:30

 If your holidays are about to begin and you want to try something new and exciting this time, make Zante Island your travel destination. Zante Island also known as the Zakynthos Island is situated in the heart of the Greece Lonial Islands. The beauty of the island bounded with endless golden sandy beaches, is breathtaking. It is also world famous for being the home of a queer species of sea turtle called the caretta-caretta.. For its wonderful sunshine and glorious beaches, it attracts millions of tourists each summer due to which the island has adopted a variety of cuisines also. So, while your stay in this region, you can  enjoy some of the most exotic cuisines from all over the world.

Zante town is the home to the maximum bulk of the islands locals and in fact it is the only Greek island on which the number of locals on the island is greater than the tourists. The town has numerous bars and shops along and first-class hotels adjacent to the harbor. Moreover, Traditional restaurants, known as taverns offer the best of Greek cuisines. Here, you can enjoy special exquisite Greek delights such as the lamb kleftiko, moussaka or the beef stifado, served with onions and red sauce. Other famous kind of food joints especially popular amonst the tourists are grill houses, which are rampant throughout the island. Grill houses usually dish out the traditional mouth watering Greek pita Gyros; generally beef, pork or lamb meat on round pita bread with onions, tomato slices,  tzatziki and French fries.

 The Island also offers a fine deal of boosting trail and water sport activities where you can exert your energy. People interested in outdoor sports and activities can still carry out their sports routine even on vacation. Moreover, there is a provision of dive shops where they assist you in doing deepwater interludes with the marine life. There are many beaches to swim and surf on, with the most comfortable and well equipped Zante apartments and Villas that make you feel at home even when you are away. Although The Zante Hotels hold an idealistic accommodation for all kinds of tourists but staying in an apartment is just as deluxe as staying in a hotel. The apartment complexes are as posh as the hotel suites, with the attachment of private pools and open beach parties at night; it makes your vacation a lot more enjoyable.

Tips and comments:

 This secret village of Zakynthos, situated at the Ionian Islands, makes an idyllic spot for your next European vacation for many reasons. Amongst the world's  most celebrated  ancient  and natural treasures, the Zante village offers  fine avenues for honeymooners and families, the best spot for a delightful holiday . Although the peaceful landscapes and still day village scenery portrays a serene Island life, the tourists enjoy the glorious sandy beaches during the day and throw amusing parties at night. So If you want to break away from the monotonous life and experience unusual natural beauty, Zante is the perfect vacation spot.