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Mykonos - The Top Hot Destination For Your Greece Vacations


Mykonos is a very popular vacation destination in the Islands of Greece and is located in the middle of Aegean Sea. It is a very popular vacation site and it has many islands around it. Mykonos is popular for a lot of things. People are attracted by Mykonos vacations every year. Many sets of tourists come for Mykonos vacations to see the beautiful wonders of Greece. There are many interesting spots for people to come and visit here.


People who go on Mykonos vacations come back all gay and happy. There are places for singles, for honeymooners and for other tourists who just love to travel and see different places of the world.


There are a few spots which are very popular for Mykonos vacations where you can go and have so much fun. The top destinations of Greece include the Windmills, which is a town in the western side of Greece. It gets many tourists all around the year. This town has one of the most famous and historical landmarks of the country. There are also many other sites which can be visited for informational purposes. There are other towns just like the Windmills, which can be visited like the Little Venice, Pangaea Paraportiani and the Petros the Pelican. These towns show the best things about the Greek culture. These towns have a lot of historical background and they have many good places where you can stay during your vacation. There are also many museums where you can go and see the things that you can see and know about the Greek culture and history.

There are also many beaches where you can go. There are huge number of beaches which are present on the south side and many others on the west side. These beaches are very beautiful and have the best resorts there. There are also many hotels and restaurants present there. These resorts also provide many packages to people who come for vacation. You can also go to the many great restaurants that are present in the town of Mykonos. These restaurants have the best cuisines to offer and the best deals through which they attract their customers and tourists. The best restaurants include the Aqua Tavern, the Blue Ginger restaurant and many other restaurants that are present near the beach on all the coastlines whether they are towards the west, east or north. There are also many bars which serve the best qualities of wine and other drinks. You can go to these bars and experience the best drinks. There are also many great shops that are present here, and these shops are in the form of street shops. These shops have the best things that can be bought and given as souvenirs to the folks at home.

Tips and comments

When you go the town of Mykonos, which is in Greece, then you must make sure that you follow the rules and regulations of the people of Greece. Mykonos vacations can be fun, but you must always keep your budget in your mind and then spend money.

By Amara, published at 02/03/2012
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Mykonos - The Top Hot Destination For Your Greece Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.