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Taking A Vacations In Rome Italy

Published at 07/17/2011 23:25:34

 Rome; the city of love, passion and romance! Travelling, especially when done for pleasure should not be restricted to a single or a limited number of places you’ve been to. Instead spontaneity is what should drive you when it is vacation time. It is not only good for the sake of your sanity to leave all your work behind and pick up on an opportunity of a lifetime. And talking of vacations spots which are a must at least once in your life; Rome. For some of us it is a life long fantasy to visit the city that was home to the Gladiators while others are a little hesitant, so it is better to make yourself well aware of all that has to do with Rome.

 The capital city of Italy is well known for so much that it is hard to plot it down. But some of the most important points that make it hard to miss it are as follows:

The Vatican also known as the head of the Catholic Church is the religious center of Italy. Housing the Sistine Chapel it holds the art of some of the most magnificent artists in the world such as Di Vinci. For further religious or historical knowledge, the Vatican City offers a number of chapels as well. Don’t miss St. Peter’s Basilica and the fantastic views from the dome at the top.

Architectural sites such as The Coliseum and the Roman Forum are the most famous tourist attractions on their own. Rome is well known for its incomparable architecture and old buildings. Another one in the center of the city is the Spanish Steps.

Food is something that tourists love tasting when on vacations to different places. Local dishes such as pasta and pizza find much fame for this is their origin.

Shopping specifically for designer label clothing and antique jewelry as well as decoration pieces is a must once in Rome. Although expensive, it is the most unique stuff you will ever come across.

 Rome is a destination which is good for vacation for every sort of tourists ranging from old to young and especially newly wed couples on their honeymoons. The people of Rome greet tourists with warmth and kindness. It is a great idea to take tours around in order to make the best of the trip. Local festivals and the culture of Rome will leave you awe-struck for this is where it all began and it is impossible to miss that great aura. Once in Rome the mode of transport can be buses, taxis, train or even rental cars are available. Hotels matching every sort if budget are offered and it is best to have them booked before you get there.

Tips and comments:

 If you are up for a beautiful trip to one of the oldest cities in the world then Rome it is for you! The romance and history of the place is sure to leave you breathless. From religion to cuisines and even shopping, every base is covered for a fun filled and learning experience.