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Where To Stay When On Vacations In Austria

Published at 07/17/2011 23:35:07

 Austria is a non-coastal country in central Europe with a rich history of culture and architecture. Total population of Austria is around 8 million dwelling in an area covering around 88,872 square kilometers.  It is a world famous holiday destination among countless who take pleasure in activity based holidays. The stunning sceneries in Austria, its extraordinary architecture and a spectacular cultural history keep the tourists intrigued for their entire holiday tour.  Holiday packages, especially those which include self catering ski chalets and exquisite holiday rental apartments are becoming more and more popular in Austria. Moreover, many vacationers now choose to rent the self catering property directly from the home owners, for a city break. It gives them the opportunity to live and explore the city like the natives.

 Vienna, the capital of Austria with a classicist yet modern architecture is a hub for its age old tradition in the fields of art, music, theatre and opera. Holiday homes in Vienna are quite accessible to rent directly from the owners. Renting apartments in the city enable the vacationers to absorb the city’s longstanding, interesting culture and enjoy its flamboyant balls and classical concerts that take place in the opera houses all year long. As for those tourists who are rather nature admirers, renting a skiing holiday chalet or an apartment in Salzburg or Tyrol would be a great occasion for them to enjoy winter sports such as the Cross-country walking and snowboarding and at the same time a chance to be mesmerized by some of the most enchanting sceneries in Austria. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of vacation apartments and chalets to select from and most of all, the Viennese are known for their warm hospitality.

 Another spectacular holiday destination in Austria is the beautiful Salzburg. It boasts some of the most tremendous display of baroque architecture across the world. Salzburg offers bed and breakfast accommodations that make the visitor feel at home and easily visit the areas cultural and historical sites. However, for those who seek no pleasure in sightseeing and city breaks, Austria has much more to offer. Some of Europe’s best ski resorts are built in Austria. Countless tourists every year spend their vacations in Zell am See, quintessential Austrian resort. It is a compressed town exhibiting picture-postcard perfection, with a lake on one side and an inspiring mountain hinterland on the other. Is has a skiing and hiking centre of its own.  If you plan to stay at Zell you can also have an access to year-round glacier skiing just below the Kitzsteinhorn, famous Austrian glacier. Moreover, Zell am See bed and breakfast accommodations are the most convenient for you to just get on and embark on your skiing tour.

Tips and comments:

 Austria is best known for its winter skiing in the Alps and lakeside sunbathing during summer. No matter what the time of year of may be, tourists are able to find excellence in holiday accommodation in all good vacation spots in Austria to suit people of all ages and interests. Therefore, if you are planning an adventurous vacation, Austria is the perfect place for you.  From city breaks and sightseeing to snowboarding and skiing, Austria is the best destination for your family’s vacation.