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Top Kid Friendly New York City Vacations Destinations

Published at 07/17/2011 23:32:48

 When planning a vacation to New York City with your kids, your travel route is bound to be different than it would have been if were just an adult trip. That does not imply that it is bad, however this is The New York City being talked about – simply taking a stroll in the streets is quite invigorating. But nevertheless, in a city full of life and glamour; the hub of art, fashion, media, art, technology and entertainment, even the kids can have an absolutely wonderful time. New York is exciting for all ages. However, before you leave for this world famous city “that never sleeps”; you should surf the internet and look for all the exciting places that will make your kids’ vacation a memorable one.

 Statue of Liberty is a landmark that almost every child has seen either on a postcard, television or magazines. This could be your first vacation destination. The ferry ride on the Ellis Island is quite enchanting and easily takes on children. The history park surrounding the statue and the Ellis Island Museum provide extensive space for resting and expending energy in between tours. Moreover, if your kids are fond of exploring the interior of the statue, that can be arranged also. The Ferry Company gives out free passes to discover the enthralling beauty of the inside of the statue. However, the passes are limited in number thus serve only on a first- come-first-serve-basis. Furthermore, to preserve the excitement and brightness of your kids’ faces, take advantage of the Park photography service right in front of the Statue. This could also become a good family vacation souvenir.

 Your next kid friendly holiday destination could be the NBC Studio Tour. You could tour around different studios within the NBC studio especially the Nightly News Studio, and the Saturday Night Live studio. The tour offers a number of exciting interactive activities to the vacationers. You get to go through the motions of coming up with a personalized newscast and also a weather report. This could be a fun packed activity for your kids, something that they can come back and share with their friends too. The tour begins from the Sweet Shop in the NBC Experience Store and ends back in the Main Studio. Another place worth being is The Brooklyn Bridge, it is one the most exhilarating yet totally cost free New York City Attractions. There are tablets all along the bridge that have the history of the bridge engraved on it. Most importantly, the view of the entire city from the top of the bridge is absolutely spectacular. You can then take your kids to show Chinatown, which is just a few blocks to the North of the bridge, and another fabulous place to walk through.

Tips and comments:

 Apart from visiting all the kid friendly places in New York, you could also make their vacation even more thrilling by showing excitement for lights, people and little things that they show excitement for.  Take them to see the amazing view of the illuminated Manhattan skyline from a special spot on the Brooklyn waterfront, talk to them about the trendy and historic places while you show them around and above all be less of a parent and more friendly!