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Romantic European Vacations

Published at 07/18/2011 09:44:16

Europe is romantic and rich in culture. Explore the art galleries of Madrid, museums and parks of London, the palaces and great churches of Venice and the cathedrals and chateaux of France. All are different, yet all share a warmth and vitality; in these countries history, culture and romance are alive and vibrant, waiting to be experienced.

Combine luxury hotels and famous train with some of Europe's best destinations for a romantic break.

1. Venice

It is hard not to be overwhelmed by the beauty and uniqueness of Venice. Combined with the Italian farniente and delicious food, this is the ideal romantic place. Couples who hate to be surrounded by crowds of tourist should visit Venice in late Fall to late Winter...even when you have to wear a coat, Venice is just stunning. Stay for at least two days to get a feel of this very special place.

2. Paris

Any time of the year, there are always tons of things to do in Paris on a romantic weekend: walk hand in hand along the Seine, climb the stairs at the Sacre-Coeur, search for antiques at an open-air flea market, discover the area around the St Martin canal, stroll the Park of Luxembourg or just get lost in streets of stunning architecture, stop for a coffee and croissant and enjoy the moment.

3. Amsterdam

For some reasons, cities with canals rank very high in the 'romantic places' lists. Amsterdam being called The "Venice of the North", it is no surprise that the first Destination of the Netherlands made this list. And there are other good reasons for this. Cobblestones, narrow streets, architectural harmony and a liberal atmosphere give a very special feel to Amsterdam. Take a boat ride, rent a bike, hop on the tram or just walk and get lost (which is very easy in Amsterdam); enjoy a nice local beer at a hip "white" bar or at an authentic "brown" cafe.

4. Brugge

Canals, medieval buildings and the small size of one of the most visited places of Belgium a cute romantic place to go. Ideal for a weekend, for those who enjoy ancient architecture, fine gastronomy and the best chocolate in the world.

5. Prague

Since the late eighties and the opening up of Eastern Europe, Prague quickly became one of the trendy (and original, at first) places to visit and rapidly evolved to offer all kind of tourist amenities. It is a lively Destination with plenty of beautiful things to see starting with its grand castle and the famously romantic Charles bridge.


6. Barcelona

Plenty of small restaurants to enjoy tapas, vibrant nightlife, stunning buildings signed by architect Gaudi all over make Barcelona a unique destination. Sit on a ceramic bench of Park Guell with your loved one, enjoy the view on the Destination and people watch, or climb to the summit of the Sagrada Familia for a memorable experience.

7. Copengahen

Balancing well ancient and new, Copenhagen is one of the capital of design which at the same time is proud of its harmonious architecture from the middle age, its cobblestone squares and its canals. An alternate romantic destination, which combine the very needed canals with a modern touch.

8. Roma

Anything that relates to Italy is romantic - after the obvious pick of Venice, Roma is an alternate romantic destination with plenty of things to do and to see, and a perfect plac to enjoy the Italian farniente.

9. Berlin

Like adventure? Love to live off the beaten track? Cancel your romantic weekend to Paris or Venice and head for Berlin. The capital Destination of Germany has tremendously changed over the last 15 years to become one of the most vibrant and exciting destinations of Europe.

10.  Budapest

Destination that developed on the banks of the Danube river, Destination of churches, great architecture, thermal baths and artists, Budapest is experiencing a fantastic revival since the early nineties, which made it become one of the most-wanted alternate destinations for a romantic gateway.

Tips and comments:

The land of Europe offers the amazing range of hotels and restaurants for its guests, that no matter whether you have come from another continent, you will not find any difficulty to pick up a staying option. European hotels offer all facilities to the travelers. There are a number of resorts across the beaches and island, which you can choose according toy our budget and needs. Almost all the hotels offer sightseeing to the vicinity. So, if you are looking for the most convenient European sightseeing tour, you should either rely to your hotel or the package tours offered by Government. 

You can visit the land during any season, but May to June and September to October are considered the best time to visit the European continent. During the aforementioned season, Europe observes the most pleasant weather around the year. 

However, before sailing for your trip to Europe, do not forget to plan out your trip properly. Plan everything from the duration of the trip to the cities you want to visit. The Europe travel guide, provided by Europetravelhub can help you with the useful Europe travel tips.


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