Fun Things To Do On Brazilian Vacations
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Fun Things To Do On Brazilian Vacations

Published at 02/03/2012 18:11:53


Fun Things To Do On Brazilian Vacations

Thinking of going on a vacation, well how does Brazilian Vacations sound? You will find yourself lost in thinking about places to visit, the beaches, forest, and carnivals, but that is not all that Brazil has to offer. Brazilian Vacations have so much more to offer, it will surprise you.


Fun Things To Do On Brazilian Vacations

Brazil, officially known as the Federal Republic of Brazil is the largest country in South America, the fifth largest in population and geography and the largest Portuguese speaking in the world. The culture was mainly inspired by Portuguese culture; otherwise it is so diverse and rich with special cuisine, music, dance, literature, history etc. And Brazilian Vacations will allow for exposure to all this. So let us have a look at all the activities you could do when planning this vacation.


Fun Things To Do On Brazilian Vacations

From the famous cities to big and little tourist spots, there is a big list to follow during your vacation:

  • The famous cities: Rio de Janeiro is the paramount for tourist attractions when it comes to Brazil. Alongside beautiful beaches you will find steep mountains. There are museums parks and many other cultural events to get involved in. Other then Rio there is Sao Paolo and Brasilia; the capital of Brazil. And if you want to witness pure Brazilian culture you cannot miss Salvador Da Bahia, one of the oldest settlements dating back to 1549. With such an old history and culture, this city is the centre of Brazilian art, music and culture.
  • The Iguaca Falls: This is not just a water fall but is a whole complex of waterfalls. With layer upon layer of waterfall falling on each other; it is one of the sites not to be missed.
  • The Golden Coast: This name is given to the northeastern part of Brazil which holds some of the beautiful beaches. First to be colonized in the 16th century, the golden coast is famous for many carnivals.
  • The Amazon rain forest: These forests are a must see on Brazilian Vacations. The plant and animal species there are some not found any were else. And what is amazing is that one finds Native American living there as they did in ancient times. There are special guides to safely take you in and out of the forest as one can easily get lost in this luscious green maze.
  • The Pantanal: This is a huge swamp wetland area in the mid west of Brazil. Now you would think why anyone would want to go to a swamp, well you have to experience it to answer this question. The fun of exploring unusual plant life and animals is a necessity during this trip.
  • The Jesus statue: Standing atop the peak of the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park is this humongous statue of Jesus called the “Christ the redeemer”. It is the tallest ever statue in the world.
  • The Brazil Grand Prix: if you are a racing junky then this is the event for you. It is a formula1 championship race held every year in October, the venue being the Interlogas track at Sao Paolo. An exciting event which will make up an amazing addition to your holidays.
  • The Sea Brazil: the assortment of beaches that Brazil has to offer is worth a trip. The sandy white beaches, the sunshine all year long, beach parties and samba and so much more to offer. So go out to that beach, swim in the clear waters, play games, dance; there are multiple resorts for your accommodation right there. Copacabana, Ipanema, Angra dos Reis and Santos Beach are some of the most famous ones to explore.
  • Brazil Surf Camp: What is the use of beaches without some recreation? Learn to surf at the extraordinary beaches of Brazil at beach camps.
  • Reef Brazil: You would know by now that Brazil has a tremendous coastline and the reefs cover up quite some part of it. The reef habitat in Brazil is one of the rarest in the world. You could go for snorkeling, and find some really unique and rare species in the reef habitat, go for scuba diving where not only you will learn how to do it, but will find yourself swimming with sea turtles and other sea creatures. And do not forget to explore the many islands surrounding those reefs.
  • Bass fishing: the infamous peacock bass fishing is the most exciting experience of live fishing. And the northern areas of Brazil are the best to go to when it comes to that.
  • Brazil carnivals: The Brazilian carnival is the one event for which many tourist flock towards Brazil. It occurs 40 days before the Easter holidays and symbolizes the beginning of the Lent tradition where Roman Catholics refrain from indulging in a number of pleasures, such as eating meat. And let’s not forget the extravagant parades, which are a feast to the eyes, what with all the flashing of colors together.
  • Brazil spas: What is a vacation without some good amount of relaxation? Brazil has some of the most luxurious spas to offer you, to pamper you at the most reasonable prices.

Tips and comments

Only reading about all this might sound exciting, think about how it would be to experience it all live. So book your tickets and make that list of places where you want to go and things you would like to do because Brazilian Vacations are waiting for you.