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Macau Luxury Vacations - The Creme De La Creme Of Asia's Gambling Capital


Macau is a city that is located in Hong Kong and has many luxurious things to offer to its visitors. There are many attractions because of which the Macau vacations are considered to be popular. The Macau vacations are also popular because this place is considered to be the capital of the gambling in all of Asia. This place also has the best destinations for gamblers and they come here from various parts of the world to meet their rivals and enjoy the sport that they are best at.


The city of Macau in Hong Kong is the first European destination in the entire Asia and that is why it has a lot of European influence on its activities and people. It was formed in the 16th century when China gave Portugal the authority for its people to stay here and so it became a colony of the people of Portugal. Then many other colonies were made and they found a common interest among themselves and these common interests were gambling. It is then that gambling started to get popular and it became so popular that the state became a capital of gambling and people who enjoyed gambling started coming for Macau vacations.


Macau has many attractions for its visitors. The biggest attraction that attracts people for Macau vacations is the gambling capital which it is famously known as. It has many casinos and these casinos play a big role in the economy of Macau as it is always full of people. There are many casinos which are built in the European style. These casinos are made just like the ones that are present in Europe or other parts of the west. For example the Las Vegas Strip of East. This casino is built just like the ones that are present in Las Vegas. They are very luxurious and they provide the people with best facilities. There are many types of casinos both large and smaller ones. The smaller ones are present towards the south side of the city. To add more fun to your vacations you can also go to the Coloane Beach where you can swim or just lay in the sand and relax. There are also many restaurants and hotels from where you can get the best food that they have to offer. You can even enjoy your stay at some of the best hotels of Macau, which are luxurious yet cheap. The city of Macau is also very famous for its desserts for example the almond cookies and they are served at these hotels along with the best Chinese cuisines. There are also many bars which offer Portuguese wine which is really good and you can purchase it at low costs. The vacations at Macau can be very luxurious as the city has so much to offer.

Tips and comments

You must also be very careful during your Macau vacations because of the weather type that the city has. There are typhoons and hurricanes that occur there often causing a lot of destruction and casualties. So you must be very careful and not make reservations during the months when typhoons are most likely to occur.

By Amara, published at 02/04/2012
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Macau Luxury Vacations - The Creme De La Creme Of Asia's Gambling Capital. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.