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The Best Time To Vacation Hawaii

Published at 02/06/2012 14:02:37


Most people keep asking when it’s the best time to go for vacation Hawaii, the answer is found right here as when all factors have been considered. Among the factors that one needs to consider when thinking about vacation Hawaii are:

Hawaii weather-The rainy season in Hawaii runs from November to March, during this season not much happens here. The islands gets their fair share of the rains which explains why each island is so green, one strange thing is that in this lands its not unusual to have rain falling for days.

The advantage is that depending on which part of Hawaii one visits it’s still possible to enjoy your vacation Hawaii most of the time as one part of the islands can be really wet while other places are warm and sunny.


Temperatures-This can range from 24 C to 30 degrees Celsius, in the winter the temperatures can dop down to 18 C while during summer they can climb up to 32 degrees Celsius. Some part of the island can experience slightly higher temperatures or lower than the average depending on their elevation and other factors. Some part can experience temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius which allows skiing to take place in the islands.

One of the great delights of taking vacation Hawaii is that being in the middle of the tropics daylight is not drastically affected during both winter and summer.


High Season-This is usually considered as prime time for taking vacation Hawaii, usually the period runs from mid December to mid April. At this time flights are often expensive than most of the low times considered as low season.

Summers here are quite busy as kids are out of school and the air is perfect and warm for activities. If you are looking for the best deals for vacation Hawaii they come in April, May, September and October.


Tips and comments

You need to be aware of certain events that take place even as you prepare or take vacation Hawaii, these are:

  • Golden week-it runs from the last week in April to early may, during this period most business close down and people flock to the islands.
  • Post-super bowl week-this runs from early February once the Superbowl is held, due to the attractions that the game brings most people get to take time off to vacation Hawaii around this time.
  • The Honolulu marathon-its held on the second Sunday of December every year at Oahu
  • The PGA tour-it kicks off in the beginning of January.
  • The Merri Monarch hula festival-its held after the Easter week which is in mid April in Hilo island.

Having considered all the above factors it’s possible to conclude that the best times for vacation Hawaii is April to September. For people who prefer warmer weather they can take vacation Hawaii between January and February. If you intend to have your kids with you the best times for such vacation Hawaii is summer when there are lots of fun activities for children and the whole family to engage in.