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Vacations Rentals In And Around Seattle

Published at 07/18/2011 15:55:43

 Location, location, location. It’s the mantra of real estate agents and home buyers, but what about vacationers? Often cheap hotels end up gaining an edge due to their budget-friendly price tags, but when it comes to actually staying in a less than stellar lodging arrangement the general mood can take a dive. This vacation, instead of wishing you had done things differently, set yourself up for success by securing accommodations that will add to your trip in more ways than one.

 For instance, Seattle, that west coast city with the cool personality and laid-back atmosphere, has been beckoning to you for a while now. The vibrant downtown scene is attractive, and being positioned in a place that would allow you to take advantage of the nightlife, the restaurants, the theatre and the coffee shops (actually, those are pretty much everywhere) would be ideal. For travelers who also appreciate having lots of space and a truly home-like vibe, the best of both worlds can be achieved by renting a downtown condo. Convenience to the hotspots plus seemingly tailor-made amenities equals a fabulous foundation for all your wonderful wanderings.

Imagine waking up a few stories above the streets where the noise of the city hardly reaches your ears. Take a few moments to absorb the incredible view of the skyline as well as Puget Sound, relishing the fact that your only responsibility today is to have fun and enrich your mind with the culture, history, and natural features of Seattle. Fix yourself breakfast in the easy-to-navigate kitchen if you’d rather save a few bucks, or if you’re feeling extravagant treat yourself to a latte and a croissant from the café down the block. Either way, you’ll be ready for a great day.

Close by are a few eclectic neighborhoods as well as attractions like Key Arena and the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park. There’s no shortage of aesthetic wonders in this artsy city, so plan accordingly if you’re in the mood to expand your visual horizons. Also notable are standbys like the waterfront areas with their fast-paced fish markets and amply people watching opportunities as well as the Space Needle and Experience Music Project. There’s no way to leave here without a few moments of awe, always a good thing when looking back on a vacation. 

Your posh condo will have bonus details like plasma TV, digital cable, a whirlpool tub and a cute little patio, so don’t be taken aback when you feel perfectly content to stop at home for an afternoon lull in the sightseeing activities. Couples in Seattle will be tempted by romantic restaurants and stimulating diversions of all kinds, but don’t forget that every good trip has some high-quality downtime as well. Rest up and reconnect, that’s what it’s all about.

Outdoors-oriented individuals also flock to Seattle, as it’s not only bustling with energy but with natural beauty as well. The water provides the opportunity to kayak, fish, jet-ski, and stroll along the beach. Hiking trails in the nearby cascades plus the magnificent presence of Mount Rainier add a rugged touch to the urban developments, so by some standards Seattle can be said to have it all.

Vacation rentals a few miles from downtown allow travelers to take full advantage of all that the outskirts have to offer while maintaining high levels of comfort and convenience. Private waterfront homes have a certain undeniable allure, and will no doubt take good care of adventurous souls with boating, bird watching and solitude on their minds. Sleep past your usual time every day in the comfortable bed, focus your attention on your companions, and when the mood strikes, head to the city for some sensory stimulation of a different kind.

Tips and comments:

Even the classiest digs often offer special deals, so start researching well in advance of your trip to uncover the best deals. Whether you decide to stay smack in the middle of downtown or tucked away along the shoreline, the amenities are sure to please and you’ll by no means end up bouncing any checks. Go online to peruse the stylish Seattle Vacation Rentals, perhaps over a cup of coffee to get yourself revved up and ready, and enjoy the process of planning what is sure to be one of your best trips ever.


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