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Kid Friendly Vacations In Oakland


Oakland vacations are a wonderful idea especially if you have little kids. Oakland is a kid friendly town. Keeping children happy is a challenging task, but there are such places and activities available in Oakland that would make kids remember this vacation as the best of all their family vacations. Parents visiting Oakland will be happy to know that there is so much to do for their kids. There are many convenient lodging, dining and transport services available as well. Some of the attractions during your Oakland vacations are described later in the article.


Oakland was under Spanish rule in 1972. Oakland was called encinal, which is a Spanish word for,” Oak grove.” It became a major railway terminal in 1860s and 1870s. By late 19th century many cable and horse cars were set up. Farmlands were established in the north and east of the land. 1920s was a great economic year not only for this part but the whole of America. During WW II the east bay was home to many warfare industries. Gradually the place gained its popularity among tourists coming for Oakland vacations.


Oakland zoo does not only provide children a chance to look at the fascinating animals but also to learn about various conservation efforts being made for them. It is located in the Know land. There is also an arthropod. The zoo also has picnic sites and birthday celebration arrangements. Oakland vacations provide an opportunity to visit MOCHA which offers children, accompanied by their parents, an exquisite opportunity to experience art. Other than some interactive activities available, other children’s work can also be viewed. It brings children literature to real life. It also celebrates Halloween, winter festivals and Christmas. The Paramount Theatre was established in 1931. It was registered in the National Register of Historical Places in 1997. It is a California Registered Historic Landmark. These vacations will also let you experience AXIS Dance company’s initiatives where they facilitate the handicapped along with others to experience the art of dance. They offer a special program for kids where kids with or without disabilities can work together. Kids can experience in-house dances by professional AXIS dancers. This is followed by a question and answer session. Kids can meet choreographers one-on-one, and ask them questions and learn about dancing techniques and dancing with a disability. This develops confidence in the kids, builds their dance vocabulary and helps them appreciate others. Rhythmix Cultural Works is another place that works to provide children a better view at arts. It provides a wide range of affordable art including dance, music, theatre and exhibitions. It also promotes cultural awareness. The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) tells the extraordinary stories of California and its people. It has over 1.8 million displayed items. It is a good place to understand Oakland and California’s diverse and ever-changing culture.

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Thus weather your children are interested in discovering art, culture, science, animal or nature; Oakland vacations have something for every kid. Besides having a wonderful time with your family, you would be helping your child build memorable moments in their memory bank.

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