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Ten Ideal Trip Ideas For Families On Athens Vacations


If you are planning an Athens vacations then there are certain things you must visit before visiting the beautiful capital of Greece. It is the largest city of Greece and is one of the oldest cities of the world which means it has a huge history; it has a history of almost 3400 years; a powerful city which was known as the center for arts and philosophy. It is said that this place is where democracy took birth and is also known as the “cradle of western civilization”. According to a study it was also said to be the 32nd richest city in terms of purchasing power. It has a Mediterranean climate which is subtropical and receives adequate rain. The climate is divided into warm summers and wet winters. Rainfall is recorded during the months of October and April whereas the city is driest during July and August. Thunderstorms can be seen twice a month. Winters are pleasant being cool however, snowfall is a rare sight because it is very infrequent, and snow can be seen in the suburbs of the city. Due to rain shadow the rain is lower in different parts of the city. Therefore, keep these things in mind and start planning your Athens vacations.


The best place to visit is the holy temple Parthenon which is one of the most famous buildings of the golden age. It is said that the temple was built as a dedication to the Goddess of wisdom named Athena and to the protector of Athens. It was designed by Kallkrates and Ictinus and the building was supervised by Phidias. Next to see, is the new Acropolis Museum which is a five story building built with glass. It has hundreds of statues from the archaic and classical eras therefore it has famous sculptures there too which deserve to be in your to do list if you are planning Athens vacations.


Because Athens is so rich in history if you are planning to visit the place for a vacation then it will be a good idea to get a tourist guide along because if you are not very good with your history your guide will explain to you each and every minute detail of why the buildings were made and what was the reason behind the structure. Next for a good Athens vacations it will be better if you get yourself a good hotel because in any vacation the only thing which affects the vacation the most is the quality of service your hotel provides you with therefore, get a good hotel which offers you everything so that you can relax and release and bring down your stress levels.

Tips and comments

You should also consider the weather conditions before visiting the place because the weather plays a great role with your mood, if the weather is good you will definitely enjoy much more than in a hot weather so plan your Athens vacations according to the weather conditions. Choose the right places to visit so that you do not waste your time in looking at the wrong places. You will not enjoy if you are alone so try to take a friend along with you so that you can maximize the fun, also book early because Athens is a hot favorite therefore it is better to book your tickets early. If you have issues with your budget you can even customize it to your needs. Therefore follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy your ideal vacations.

By Amara, published at 02/05/2012
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