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The Best Vacations Spots In South Korea

Published at 07/19/2011 12:02:24

South Korea is located on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. It is near China and by Japan. South Korea has a humid atmosphere and has a humid subtropical climate. South Korea is predominantly mountainous in terrain. Seoul is the capital and is the largest city in South Korea. Having South Korea vacations, you, your friends and family would surely have a great time during the stay because people in Korea are kind hearted and hospitable. South Korea is a mixture of old and new. There are lots of skyscrapers above the elegant architecture of ancient palaces, gates and temples that reflects the heritage of its previous era. One will surely enjoy South Korea vacations and overwhelmed by the charm of the city.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most famous palace in the city of Seoul. Gyeongbokgung means “Palace greatly blessed by the heaven”. It was built in 1395 and it was served or made as the main palace. There are two main grandest architectural sights in this palace. The main palace which is the Geunjeongjeon is a complex two-story building. Gyeonghoeru is the second one and has large raised pavilions that are resting on 48 stone pillars. In this palace, you can also find the crown prince’s quarters which is a must see. You can simply spend 3 hours in the Royal Palace and lounge around along its huge and elegant hallways. An admission hour in the palace is between 9:00am – 6:00pm. The palace is close during Tuesdays that’s why it’s important to set and have a plan during South Korea vacations.

Namsam (South Mountain) and Seoul tower also has so much to offer and is considered as Seoul’s landmark. It has long hiking trails, museums, memorials, a llibrary and many more. Taking a cable car up to Mt. Namsam provides a great view of the city. It is the best spot to take pictures and record the wonderful sights that the city can offer. It is best and recommended to go to Namsam tower at night because it is even more dramatic and breathtaking. Namsam tower is visible almost everywhere even during at dark. 

Dongdaemun (East gate) is a shopping complex and is considered as one of Korea’s most well known markets. It was founded in December 23, 1970 and is the largest in Asia. There are 5,000 shops located in this region that sells a variety of materials, fabrics, accessories and many more. The fabrics and clothing in Dongdaemun are of in the latest trends because inventory is elated and exported in the fashion capital of the world. Dongdaemun is a must visit during South Korea vacations because it offers wide variety today’s latest fashion. 

Tips and comments:

There are a lot more to visit in South Korea but these are the best South Korea vacations that every traveler must try and visit. We hope that this article helped you in choosing and planning your visit in South Korea and try the wonderful tourist attractions that we have suggested. Enjoy your vacation and have a safe trip.