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Vacations In France - Paris Accommodation - Things To See And Do!

Published at 07/19/2011 14:58:23

 Paris, France; the city of love! Are you newly weds, looking for a perfect honeymoon destination? In love with your girlfriend and ready to show her how much she means to you? Seeking the prefect anniversary gift? Or even if you just want to visit the city for all it has to offer, Paris is an exquisite destination that is a must on every one’s list, due to reasons that vary for each and everyone. According to statistics France is the most visited country of the world which makes it easy to believe that it earns a huge amount from its tourism industry. The heart and soul of Europe, this country is an absolute treat for it is a perfect blend of the past and present, ready to offer you a lot more than your expectations in every aspect. When talking about France, Paris of course, is the highlight of it all but don’t be fooled, France has a variety of amazing cities other than Paris.

 The reason France attracts thousands of tourists every year is not just the charm and beauty of the country but also the diverse nature of everything that it offers. One can ski in Alps or enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean. Not only that but it is a country which is rich in culture and heritage and thus has a huge number of museums, art galleries and theatres showing off all it has. In addition the architecture is well known and most certainly can not be missed especially in Paris, the most famous tower of the world; Eiffel Tower. Even if you are not a fan of heights, it is simply a view you cannot miss. It has amazing weather throughout the year. Another feature France is famous for is its incomparable cuisines and wine of course! The French are known for savoring every bit of food. 

 It is quite a misconception that living in European countries is very expensive. Even though France is the largest country in Europe, it is surprisingly easy to find cheap accommodation in the heart of France; Paris. Apartments at cheap rates are not difficult to locate and are the best option for visitors as they give you needed privacy and all the necessary services without extra charges as hotels do. Good part is that you can find them as per your budget and close to the city center with glorious views of the amazing city. It is definitely a must for the ladies to go shopping for this is the place for designer everything! The Disney Land Resort in Paris is fun-filled and exciting. And if you are one for decoration pieces, small gifts for people back home and bargaining then the Flea market is a great catch.

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 The country full of lights, passion, love and friendly people; France is a great holiday spot. Not just for lovers and couples, but everyone. From great food and wine to shopping trips, this country has so much to offer that you will never get bored and even plan a revisit. So get your romance on and visit this destination for sure.