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Northern California Mountain Vacations

 The great thing about summers is that you get vacations during them so if the heat rises you can pack up your bags and take a trip to a place with a cooler climate. It could mean a place with lots of water and beaches or a trip higher up, for with altitude the temperature drops. And summers are the best time to take tour of the mountains. Now there are plenty or mountain ranges which are safe to visit since they have been developed into resorts and guided trails so it is a good idea even if you are planning a vacation with your family. One destination that offers a large variety of exciting activities and promises a great holiday is Northern California, covered with mountains.

 The great part about planning a tour to this destination is the fact that you can easily customize your trip according to your liking, adding and deleting the options as per you taste. What is unique about this vacation is that it is away from all the hustle bustle of routine life, it is a perfect getaway for those who love exploring the nature. Families to couples and even groups of friends come to Northern Californian Mountains to have an enjoyable time. It is a good idea to pack warm clothing and all your snow sports gear along with you. Not only do the mountains offer sports but it also guarantees the best of bag packing, hiking and country side wild adventures.

 Whether it is the Sierra Nevada or the Cascades a trip to the snowy part of California is a must for everyone who likes to travel. Couples can enjoy comfy rooms coupled with hot Jacuzzis after perfectly organized candle lit dinners. For families the availability of cabins is a blessing. The best part about this location is the variety of activities it has to offer. Snow boarding, skiing, skating on ice and even making snow mans! For those of you who have not experienced the joy of making snow angels and throwing snow balls at each other because you don’t get snow where you reside this is the perfect place to finally grab at that chance. Biking and following one of the various trails are another addition to the various activities you can do. Enjoying hot cocoa in front of the fireplace after your snow escapades is a great idea. The beautiful scenery of the mountainous landscape will leave you breathless.

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 If you have never been hiking or seen snow before then a journey to the Northern California Mountains is a great plan, especially if you are not a fan of the hot weather and you have days off to spend having a great time. The mountain ranges comprise of various national parks as well as wilderness areas which are not only interesting to experience first-hand but also very thrilling to explore. Vacations at this destination are indeed a complete package offering all kinds of fun activities, great weather and an amazing view from your own personal cabin.

By Sultan Khan, published at 07/19/2011
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Northern California Mountain Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.