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 The mystical waves of River Nile representing an eternity within themselves, the historical and cultural monuments, and the wonder of the world: the Giza pyramids, the Great sphinx, cruising the Red Sea and roaming the bazaars of Egypt all constitute together to make the perfect vacation destination! The urban and developed cities of Cairo and Alexandria make every facility within reach while the cities in the Nile delta provide a deep insight into the lifestyle of the Egyptians

 Many popular vacations to Egypt are available whether you are a native wanting to tour to another city within Egypt or a foreigner willing to experience the vibrant culture and historical sites of Egypt. The vacations packages to Cairo, the Red Sea and a cruise on the Nile River vary from 6 to 11 nights and from 8 to 12 nights tours. All these vacations are available all year round and take you to the popular cities of Cairo, Luxor, Edfu, Abu Simbel, Mount Sinai and other equally mystical cities and sites. The options of hotels and cruises available are various; the hotel and cruise will be entirely of your own choice in order to provide you with convenience.  The provision of meals is ensured to be at top quality restaurants.  The tour packages provided online by many businesses are most convenient; all sightseeing services are provided by a professional tour guide. Additionally, all transportation is guaranteed to be provided with air-conditioned, private cars. 

 Furthermore, tour packages provided by some companies can also be customized and tailored to suit your own preferences, tastes or budget.  Day tours in air-conditioned cars are also available to tourists who want to explore on their own as well as take part in day-time group excursions for as low as $25! Many tourists looking forward to the ultimate native Bedouin experience also book desert camping trips. Such trips give you a deep insight into the life of the natives by camping outside under the sky glittering with stars and dinner cooked outside on fire. Such expeditions are guaranteed to provide you with a respite from the daily hustles of life and help you connect to nature, leaving you a contented person. This is why a large number of people opt for camping trips to the White Desert and the Bahariya Oasis.  For those people who want detailed itineraries of their whole tours, package deals are also easily available for them including touring Egypt by train as well as a cruise on the Nile River with stops at various cities. Such tour packages include taking you to Mount. Sinai and visiting the historical monuments and temples, especially the epic St. Catherine‚Äôs monastery. Comfortable, modest hotels are available for families on a limited budget, Nile cruises for couples as well as top-rated hotels such as the Hilton Luxor Resort, the Royal Savoy Sharm El Sheikh, Premier le Reve Hotel and Spa and others for those who need luxury hotels during their stays. 

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 With such tempting tour packages available that are being booked by innumerable people all around the world right now, we recommend you to book one as well because making Egypt your holiday destination is something you will relish forever!

By Sultan Khan, published at 07/19/2011
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Popular Vacations In Egypt. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.