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BlueChip vacations were established in the year 2000. It operates in the surroundings of The English Riviera in South Devon. BlueChip vacations provide with self-catering exclusive lodging for holiday makers.


The term “blue chip” from BlueChip vacations, is originated from poker; the popular casino game. Blue chips have the highest value out of the basic, white, red and blue discs available for play. The values are 1, 5 and 10 dollars consecutively. The royals were associated with the color blue.


A self-catering holiday prevents you from being caged by hotel restrictions of time and schedule. BlueChip vacations provide with four and five star accommodations, whether it be a cottage style house with attached garden, a chic villa or a tasteful apartment beside a water body. This company provides you with the best location to spend your family holiday at, where the beaches are easily reachable and your kids can enjoy playing volley ball or building sand castles. The elderly of the family can have properties, which provide easy access to the local dining places where the meals are tempting and mouthwatering. And also where walks beside the water bodies and fresh fish can be enjoyed. A self-catering holiday can also provide you with chores free leisurely evening. The lush green gardens can be utilized for walks which end at famous rich cream teas of Devon. You can easily find your type of property on Blue Chip Holiday’s website, where they have provided a search tool. You can also tell them your personal choices as in, how close the beach should be, Whether or not a garden should be present, if the accommodation should be suitable for pets and how far should the local stores be. Providing accommodation for pets is a unique feature of this company where the dogs do not need to be left behind all sad and blue. You can create beautiful memories with your dog. It lets you roam free spirited in the vast spans of the right kind of property locations which you get to select, as you know your dog best. The only rules to remember are that pets should not be allowed to use the furniture and you are responsible for cleaning after them. Many reachable parks, gardens and pubs are accessible. The beach and moors are a great place to visit as well. Waking up to a beach view can be thrilling, but a special catalog provides you with accommodation that is within 100 meters of the beach. Besides having an awesome view, you can actually go out and experience the beach. Devon and Cornwall have wonderful seashores. They have many blue flag awards. This is an immensely significant award based on how well maintained the beaches are. You can teach your kids to swim. It is a great place to make sand castles with your loved ones.

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BlueChip vacations also provide an ideal getaway for surfers. They can choose from the accommodations specially designed for surfers, where places are arranged outside the accommodation area for secure storage of surfboards and swim suits. Moreover, showering facility is also available.

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