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Summer Vacations In Rome

Published at 07/19/2011 12:06:46

 People prefer not travelling to Rome in summers due to the scorching heat and the deserted facilities but that should not be the case this summer. Rome vacations shall be your ultimate destination! With the shift in the climatic system all across the world, meteorologists have predicted lower than usual temperatures in Rome, hence the query about the heat goes right out the window and so you should get ready to explore the eternal city with those cameras ready to click. For all those who are truly a fan of art and prefer deserting the bustling city life then Rome vacation is their perfect stop for the summer.

 In summers, there are several packages available for all the museum lovers. Even if you are not a history lover, the museums in Rome are a must-visit! Museums and galleries provide free entrance on the last Sunday of each month so make sure you mark all the Sundays on your Rome vacation calendar. You can also avail special summer passes that offer three to five different museums at the price of a single ticket! At times, if you look for the right pass you can even find a visit to the legendary Coliseum! You know what you have to do now, charge your camera batteries and get ready to click away and feel the true spirit of a breathtaking architectural masterpiece.  Rome is filled with architectural masterpieces. There is one after the other and neither can be missed! Plan an entire day and devote it to an unforgettable experience of the Sistine Chapel. It is bound to leave you in awe. This is one place that you would want to enjoy in the serenity of summers when the tourist load is least.

 Remember that the Italian shopkeepers tend to take the first of second half of August off. The shops that do remain open have the best deals to offer that you do not want to miss during your Rome vacations. Hence, the year’s best sales tend to take place in July and August. Shopping during your Rome vacation will cater a lot of your interests: ranging from designer clothes and footwear to furniture and household decorations- Rome has it all! When it comes to food, you do not want to miss dinning out on the cobblestone streets of center Rome on a summer’s night. It can be expensive but it is worth the price! Other open air markets include the Campo Dei Fiori and Piazza Vittorio. In summers, you are bound to find one of the enthralling Rome festivals as well to jazz up your Rome vacation. Among the best summer festivals is the annual world music festival called Fiesta planned at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle. This runs from mid-June through August.

Tips and comments:

 Rome has a lot to offer and there isn’t anything you would want to miss. Just remember that you need to plan accordingly and leave in the best of your spirits to conquer room through your camera. Don’t miss out on the beach experience during your Rome vacation. It is just half an hour by car, bus or by the subway from the Mediterranean Sea. Just remember to sort out the opening timings when you are planning your Rome vacation. When you are done with that you are definitely good to go!