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Indonesia - The Best Tropical Vacations Spots

 Indonesia, having the world’s most talked about 18,110 islands is spotted as one of the greatest places to enjoy an ideal tropic vacation. This tropical land is a rich combination of culture, religion, adventure, friendly people and enchanting natural beauty with crystal green waters following from its thousand islands and huge trees providing shelter at the sandy beaches. Millions of tourists visit this paradise every year to enjoy the natural environment and to experience the raw beauty up closely.

 Jakarta, being the capital and one of most populated city of Indonesia still holds up to the country’s best parks, specially the Fantasy World Park. It may be the capital of Indonesia but its heart belongs to the heavenly city of Bali. Having a little bit of everything, this paradisiacal city gives a break from the busy life and offers its tourists with a vivid nightlife as well as the most quiet and calm spa aids. As this part of Indonesia belongs to the Hindus, they have another set of traditions and temples for the tourists followed by their famous short walks over rice paddies. You can choose from exploring ancient temples, riding a horse on the black sand beach or try your luck with surfing! Activities like scuba diving are the world’s most famous activities of this vacation spot. Indonesia also offers its great food chains along the side-walks of its cities with stalls offering highly spicy yet, delicious foods.

 Indonesia sets the mood of the tourists with its all-time pleasant weather with only two seasons, dry and cold. Moreover cities like Sumatra, the once said to be the Land of Gold is another spot for unforgettable adventure offers the world’s most incredible jungles full of wildlife. Some of the most commonly found animals include komodo dragons, vibrantly colorful exotic birds of all kinds and huge turtles laying eggs on the Java beaches.  Another thrilling experience can the visiting the Fire Mountains with live volcanoes. It has abundant waterfalls, mountains and lakes followed by its extremely colorful traditional ceremonies and festivals going about all round the year. One of the most famous attractions of this city also includes the Grand Mosque of Medan, the Sultan Deli Palace, Lake Toba and the conventional houses of Batak Karo. Other destinations like the gigantic archipelago of Indonesia, the luxurious Baleim valley, the world famous thousand islands, old historic sites and remain its unforgettably compelling vacation destinations. Indonesia is also rich with its handicraft industry and can be a perfect vacation spot for even shopping. It gives the tourist a variety of hand-painted clothes, painted wooden puppets for decoration, all bamboo-made products, precious stones, pearls and its famous silver jewelry and ornaments.

Tips and comments:

 Accommodation facilities in this nature’s wonderland are unlimited. One can easy book a fine resort for their vacation so be it a $1,000 resort or a much reasonable resort to cater the entire family. In order to explore the most out of Indonesia on your vacation, you need to be prepared for a lot of travelling since every island in this vacation spot can be only visited via ferry boats or small planes.

By Sultan Khan, published at 07/19/2011
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Indonesia - The Best Tropical Vacations Spots. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.