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Vacations In Sweden - The Ultimate Fun Trips

Published at 07/19/2011 15:01:02

 Sweden is the perfect destination for families who want to get away for a real holiday. Swedish society and the lifestyle of socializing with children outside the home mean that wherever you want to go in Sweden, children are welcome. This is a very child-friendly country and the entire family can discover Sweden – together. The castles, summer and winter resorts, theme parks, zoos and outdoor activities in Sweden all cater to the interests and needs of the whole family. A vacation in Sweden is a joyously relaxing, low-key affair with all kinds of activities; skiing, cycling, berry picking, swimming in crystal-clear lakes, horse riding, canoeing and more.

 The choice of where to go and what to see when planning a holiday in Sweden can be a real problem – but a nice one, as there is so much to choose from.  Stockholm of course is a given – you wouldn’t like to miss out on a capital built on islands amidst glittering (and nowadays very clean) water, with the old town, the royal castle, the metro stations decorated with contemporary art and the city hall with its gold mosaics by Einar Forseth.  Contrasting with the solitude of the north is the buzz and bright lights of Sweden’s cities. The capital, Stockholm, has long been famed for its idyllic setting – sprawled across 14 islands – and its rich cultural heritage. Today the city has also built a reputation as a global center of dynamic design, cutting-edge fashion, and innovative cuisine, music and art. On the west coast, Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg, has plenty to offer with its own flavor of entertainment and cultural experiences. Cosmopolitan and bustling Malmo, in the far south of Sweden, forms part of a thriving metropolitan region together with the Danish capital, Copenhagen, with which it is linked by the mighty Oresund Bridge.

 Sweden has some really romantic castles to offer, like Gripsholm, situated on a small island in lake Malaren in the town of Mariefred, about 70 km from Stockholm. It is one of the Royal Castles of Sweden, and was the favorite place of several kings. Sweden is a wonderful country for trekking, hiking or just generally going for long walks wherever you like. You don’t have to worry about getting onto someone’s private property since the Everyman’s Right allows you to go anywhere as long as you don’t get too close to the area round somebody’s house.To find a good golf course in Sweden is not hard – in recent years golf courses have multiplied, and most of them provide a decent place to send the little white ball into its hole. 

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 Set on the shore of Baltic Sea, Sweden is the largest North European country and holds fifth position in entire European continent. Connected to Denmark, Finland and Norway, the country, the country is the home to bizarre attraction. It is the place where original ice hotel is set. The Swedish country offers highest life expectancies in the world and highest standards of living as well.