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Feel Like Adventure On Vacations To Finland


Finland is located in the Fennoscandian region and is neighbors with Sweden towards the west, Norway towards the north and Russia towards the east. This makes the country very cold during the winters while quite warm in the summers. It is said to be the eighth largest country of Europe and is sparsely populated. Because of the diversity in climate, you can plan your vacations to Finland all year round as your mood might be. For snow sports, you can visit Finland in winters and for exciting outdoor vacations, vacations to Finland in the summer are an awesome idea.


Your vacations to Finland will offer you everything that you want during a peaceful, yet exciting holiday. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and has amazing sites to visit which you must see. One of these places is the Nasinneula Tower. This is situated in Tampere and is one of the tallest towers of Scandinavia; it is also one of the most popular tourist spots of Finland. It is an observation tower and gives you a view of the beautiful city which includes the views of the forests and the lakes.


Santa Park is another tourist location you must visit if you are on vacations to Finland. It is a perfect place to visit with family and is located near the Santa Claus village. If you are on a Christmas holiday then it is the ideal place to visit during Christmas because it will provide you with the right feel of the season. The park has majorly targeted the families and children therefore if you are planning a family vacation here it will be an ideal place for you because your children will have a blast here. It has live shows and ice sculptures, therefore include this into your list as well. Petajavesi old church is a historical site and is for those who enjoy visiting such ancient places. If you love to visit churches of the olden times then this is the right place for you because it is one of the most beautiful churches with amazing architecture. It is built completely from wood and has a stunning wooden ceiling. It is a 30-minute drive from Jyvaskyla and is a perfect tourist destination therefore if you are planning a visit to Finland anytime soon, then you must keep these places in your mind because these places do require a visit. Another place you must visit if you are planning vacations to Finland is the Olavinlinna Castle. This is a preserved castle of the medieval times and is amongst the famous destinations of Finland. It is an ideal place for those who enjoy visiting places that are rich in history, so that their knowledge can be increased. If you are one of them, this place is for you because it has it all. It is open throughout the year therefore you can come here and visit the courtyard of the castle and the amazing museum like displays.

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If you want to get in touch with history or examine the ice sculptures, vacations to Finland have it all. So, pack your bags and head towards this amazing piece of land!

By Amara, published at 02/07/2012
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