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Winter Vacations In Beijing

Published at 07/19/2011 15:40:13

 Beijing, the capital city of People‚Äôs Republic of China, is the heart of the country and also one of the largest cities in the world. It is situated in northern China and is the center of all the political, cultural and educational activities of the country. Because of its comparatively hot climate and milder winters, it is most suitable amongst all cities of China for spending the winter vacations. 

 Spending winter in Beijing is perhaps the most adequate way of dealing with the harsh cold. There are many tours and facilities offered in Beijing Vacations especially in winter.  The hot spring spa, Long qing xia Ice Lantern Festival, Skiing Holidays, Great Wall tour, etc, make the trip in winter for Beijing Vacations all the more desirable and memorable. Moreover, this season is particularly suitable for your Beijing Vacation because of the less hassle of tourists, further increasing the chances for attaining better facilities. The prices are also lower at this time of the year, and are economically most suitable for Beijing Vacation packages and deals. The activities such as skiing and ice skating are not available all year round as well, and winter time suits the best for taking in your tour for Beijing Vacations. Plus, the weather of Beijing is most suited as compared to the surrounding cities such as Harbin with a 10 degree less temperature.

 Of all the features offered in Beijing Vacation, ice skating is one of the most developed and sought-after.  The official ice-rinks include Qianhai Lake, Zhongshan Park, Zizhuyuan Park etc available at the consent of the authorities depending on the safety and thickness of ice. It is a great fun for the Beijing Vacation in winter season.  The next feature in the Beijing Vacation tour is the hot springs and wonderful spas. The hot springs provide a well-needed and pleasant escape from the cold and spas relax your body by replenishing your skin to stay fit throughout your stay for the Beijing Vacation.  The three most popular hot spring resorts in Beijing are Huaxia Hot Spring, Jinhua Spa and Chuinhuiyuan Hot spring Resort. Skiing has become especially popular with international tourists in Beijing Vacation, thanks to the well organized ten ski resorts around Beijing. The hiking activities to the Great Wall of China, though sometimes tumultuous due to blowing winds and cold, are also well managed and open for the tourists spending their Beijing Vacation. The road access may be blocked depending on the weather but the opened sections remain accessible to the hikers and the common public. Another exciting feature in Beijing Vacation is the Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice festival. This festival in Beijing saves the tourists from the struggle of travelling to Harbin to see the beautiful ice lanterns.

Tips and comments:

 With short days, lots of facilities, exhilarating landscape with outstretched white snow-covered land, ice-skating rinks and wonderful dose of luxury and festive pleasure, Beijing Vacation is a guaranteed memorable experience, lasting pleasure and a trip worth a lifetime. Just be sure to pack all your warm clothes for a fantastic winter vacation.