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Tips On Last Minute Mali Vacations


The landlocked country of Mali is one of the least economically advanced states of the world. The nation is, however, developing. But the status of the country of Mali remains the same. The country is located in Western Africa and borders the famous countries of Algeria, Niger, Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania and the country of Burkina Faso. Despite being the world’s poorest country, the country of Mali has some incredible sights, which draw many people to come for mali vacations. The many great sights include the four UNESCO World-heritage sites and the very famous city of Timbuktu. The city of Timbuktu gets many visitors who come for mali vacations.


The country of Mali was first part of the West African empires. This empire controlled the Sahara trade that included salt, gold, slaves and many other precious goods. The empire spread to the Niger River, and later this empire was under the control of the French people. But because of the many protests and riots, a new constitution for the country of Mali was formed right after the break of the vast empire. The country of Mali is now considered to be the most politically and socially stable country of the world. This feature also contributes to the increased number of people coming here for Mali vacations.


Despite being the poorest country of the world, mali vacations are still considered to be a pleasant experience. Every country has its own set of principles and thoughts. Visitors not following these principles might lead to a violation of the laws of the country. There are a set of things which should be kept in mind when you go on a vacation to Mali. People of Mali simply love tea, everywhere around the country you will find people boiling water in kettles to make tea. It is considered a gesture of hospitality to offer tea to visitors or passersby, and it is considered very rude to decline the offer. So even if you do not drink tea, never decline the offer, just taste it, since the cups are small.

The Bandigara Falls is an excellent place where you can go, forget the world and enjoy the peace and quietness of the place away from the busy city. This place is a must visit. The Dagon country is also a place to go to while on vacation. This place is also a must visit during your vacation because the place is very interesting. The Hotel L’ Auberge, Segou, Perfect Oasis is also a place to be and the place that is suggested to many visitors. This is a place where one can relax, away from all the mayhem and noise created by people in the hustling bustling cities of Mali. If you have friends in Mali, then the best gift that you can give to the people here are medicines. People of Mali appreciate medicines as a gift, so you can bring all kinds of medicines here that can be given to people you know or even to people who you just met, in order to be more polite and friendly.

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Keep these points in mind, and your Mali vacation can turn out to be much fun and worth remembering.

By Amara, published at 02/07/2012
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