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Focusing On Fiji Islands Vacations Spots Out Of 330 Islands


Vacations come up every year when the whole family wants to go out somewhere where they can have all the family time together and have a memorable time. As we know that in a year we can only go once for vacations so whenever you make a plan make sure you choose the best place to go to, select the most luxurious hotel room and visit all the famous places you could. If you are going with your family make sure you choose a place where your children along with your wife can have fun. Along with the fun, budget should also be kept in mind. It sometimes gets difficult to choose a place where you want to go for your vacation. If you want to go somewhere peaceful and exciting at the same time, you should plan Fiji Island vacations. These vacations will be pretty exciting as this island is composed of over 330 small islands. So if you go to Fiji Island you will have to plan out your whole trip and note down all the places and islands you want to visit beforehand. Fiji Island vacations will give you the opportunity to spend your vacations in the most beautiful place which has so much to offer from beaches to beautiful resorts.


Fiji is a Melanesian country and is located at the South of the Pacific Ocean. This island is made up of 332 islands which make most of the area. Fiji can be divided into 9 islands. Before going for your Fiji Island vacations it is necessary to know the history and about its islands. In this way you will be able to understand every site you visit and every word of your tour guide.


On your trip you will definitely find it difficult to decide from where to start visiting the city. You can start your tour from the biggest island of Fiji which is known as Viti Levu or "Big Fiji”. Vanua Levu is another major island of Fiji. Both of these islands are mountainous and exciting. Then you can start visiting other islands. Yasawa Islands and Mamanuca islands are other islands which can be found in Fiji Islands. These islands have a very romantic effect so out of 330 islands you can choose to go to this island if you are with your partner or on a honeymoon. The Mamanuca islands are breathtakingly beautiful with white sandy beaches, palm trees and you can see coral reefs in the deep blue water. The Mamanuca Island is uninhabited but this Island provides accommodation along with other facilities so if you choose Mamanuca it would be a great choice. It is also one of the most famous places among tourists. Apart from them, there are outer islands as well: Kadavu, Taveuni, Savusavu, and Beqa. The capital of Suva should also be visited while on your Fiji Island vacations. From the capital Suva you can go to Coral Coast as well which is located on the south west part.

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In your Fiji Island vacations you will have many options to stay at any island but make sure you choose the one where along with you, your family can have fun too.

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Focusing On Fiji Islands Vacations Spots Out Of 330 Islands. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.