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What is it that gives you a different experience of the world out there, of the beaches and the sea life and at the same time is not too much of a strain on your pocket? You might think that in today’s world such a place is next to impossible to find. But wait, we have Samoa! Yes, Samoa vacations can satisfy your cravings for Hawaii-like islands and the sight of coconut plantations and give you a chance to explore the unique practices of the people of Samoa. So pack up your bags and dive into the cultural history of Samoa. Yes, it’s your time for some Samoa vacations!


Samoa is located in the Pacific Ocean and is quite close to New Zealand. It used to be a part of New Zealand before it was made a separate, independent island. The island is largely dominated by the Polynesian culture which can be traced back to the early settlers of Samoa, who then dispersed to Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti. Samoa has a lot of historical and archeological aspects to it. The god Tagaloa is thought to have been looking after the land and is said to be responsible for its existence. The most developed island at Samoa is that of Upolu, which is also home to some of the most important administrative activities of the island with Apia located on it as well as with the Faleolo International Airport built there. Samoa also has many historical stories related to it such as that of the French navigator, Louis de Bougainville. He was the one who labeled Samoa as the ‘navigator islands’ because according to him the boats that were observed near the islands gave him some good navigational insight. So, if not anything else, one thing is guaranteed about your Samoa vacations: You will have lots of stories to hear from the people of Samoa and can then narrate them to your friends and family!


So what is it that you should do during your Samoa vacations? One thing is for sure -- you are going to be strolling on the rolling sands of the beaches, hand in hand with your family members. One such example of a beach you can stay at is the Ofu beach. You can reside in any one of the famous resorts; namely Savaii Lagoon Resort, Monalisa Hotel, Seabreeze Resort and Amanaki Hotel. For all the readers and writers out there, your idol Robert Louis Stevenson also found his home here, named “Vailima” which is now popular as a museum. Robert is also buried in here, so that he would never leave the island that he so loved. Moreover, you can enjoy the waterfalls and the lava fields, along with the high-peaked mountains and their rugged landscapes.

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Curious enough? Want to dig deeper into the history of these mysterious islands? Think you can bring something new to your friends’ knowledge by boasting about your visit to a splendid place? Well then, Samoa vacations are your way to go! To ensure that you get some enjoyment along with loads of learning, head towards Samoa and make a difference to your lives!

By Amara, published at 02/07/2012
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