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Vacations To Samoa For Single

Published at 02/07/2012 20:31:55


Looking for single vacation packages can be a difficult job. Firstly, there are no special packages for single people. This means one has to pay the full amount with no hopes for discounts when going on a vacation. Secondly, one might feel odd being alone in a horde of tourists, some with families, and others with friends. What people need to realize is there is nothing odd about travelling alone and that single vacations are equally fun as long as the place one visits is breathtakingly beautiful and of interest to the person. One such place is Samoa.


Nestled in a secluded corner of the world, Samoa doesn’t get the attention it deserves. One may say that this is a bad thing as people do not find out about Samoa, but another point of view is that having a low profile is great for a place like Samoa as this means it isn’t horded by throngs of tourists, making it an ideal place for single vacations. Located a few miles off the Australian coast, Samoa Islands are just new to the idea of tourism, making them a truly natural place, unspoiled by the tourist population. Some even say that the area is better than the tropical paradises people love to go to, making Samoa a worthy opponent for the tropics in the near future.


Samoa is split into two large islands and eight smaller ones. All of the islands together form a complex cultural hub, and the traditional culture of Samoa is said to be unlike any other culture of the world. It is a great place for single vacations as one has so much to do during the vacation: exploring the islands, learning about the historical culture, practicing ancient rites of the Samoans, and so much more. The rainforest alone is one the major areas of interest of many tourists. Other recreational activities include diving, surfing, sports, snorkeling, and many other water sports. The sandy beaches almost call out to the visitor, making one enjoy the brightness and warmth of the sun and enjoy the carefree and windy environment. With all the emphasis on ancient culture, one might feel Samoa is not a modern or developed place, but that is far from the truth. The main cities highlight pristine infrastructure and contain small skyscrapers which are testament of the development of the area. The growing tourism is also helping the islands grow and get more developed. In the evenings, one can enjoy ferry rides around the island, basking in the setting sun and enjoying the roar of waves, while dining in the traditional Samoan way and relishing the customs and traditions of the country.

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A person can find both extremes of the spectrum in Samoa, where on one side, you have advanced infrastructure and on the other, ancient traditions still going strong. It is an ideal place for single vacations as it is truly a remarkable and beautiful place where one can easily find solace. One should definitely visit this place if planning a vacation.