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The Providence Newport Water Ferry In Rhode Island - A Great Vacations And Travel Destination


The Rhode Island is located in the state of New England in the United States. It is one of the 8th least populated and is the 2nd most populated out of the states of the United States. It is neighbored by Connecticut towards the west and Massachusetts towards the northern and eastern side; it is also neighbors with New York’s Long Island and shares the water boundary towards the southwest. It is nick named as the ocean state because of its geography. It has a lot of large bays which take around 14% of the area. The Rhode Island has a humid continental climate, which means it is warm and rainy during summers, whereas it has chilly winters. The summers are not very hot however the highest temperature that the Island ever reached was 40C in 1972, in the area of providence. The monthly average temperature starts from 28C and the lowest is -7C which means that the weather is slightly warm but can get very chilly during the winters which comes as a relief to its residents because after warm sunny summers everybody wants chilly winters and the state provides its residents with just that, therefore if you are planning providence vacations soon then plan your providence vacations keeping all this in mind.


Providence is the largest and the capital City of Rhode Island, and has a lot to offer to its tourists. It has parks and other attractions which can be linked back to its history. The historical vistas and the eclectic districts like the college hill and federal hill are some of the sites which require a visit. The nightlife of providence is great as well, which makes it an ideal place for tourists to visit therefore plan providence vacations soon.


The tourist attractions are divided into 4 areas, the first being the down city, which has the entire core tourist’s spots, such as the water place park, and the providence place mall. It has an amazing night life and Italian dining therefore if you enjoy any of these, you can visit this place for your providence vacations. You will surely enjoy yourself if you are a party animal, it has almost everything which other night clubs have around the world, and the food is mouth watering. It is a perfect place to visit with your partner because you can enjoy delicious meals at providence and enjoy the other tourist attractions too, therefore if these things are something you are looking for then you can surely pay this island a visit during your next holidays.

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The south providence also has many restaurants, and those restaurants mainly serve Spanish and Chinese food, the fast food places are also quite famous. It is a perfect place to visit because everything is on a walking distance or a short drive. However, this place is known for its high crime rate and poverty but the night life is still very happening. The tourist attractions offer everything to its guests therefore all the crime and poverty does not deter its tourists to visit the place, it has beautiful places to visit therefore do plan your providence vacations.

By Amara, published at 02/08/2012
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The Providence Newport Water Ferry In Rhode Island - A Great Vacations And Travel Destination. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.