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Vacations Experience Of A Lifetime - Hershey Park In Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is located in the United States of America and has many attractions of interest to families.  The state’s biggest attraction is the Hershey Park which is a family theme park. This park is owned by the same company that owns the Hershey Chocolate Company. The park is very entertaining and is constructed in the most unique way.  The park has many attractive rides which attract people of all ages. Hershey vacations are enjoyed by people of all ages, especially by the chocolate lovers. The park is a private resort and every year thousands of people come here to enjoy their family vacation.


The Hershey park was made by the Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company in the 1970s. It was made in the beginning for the employees of the company only, and later became public. It has the greatest rides which were enjoyed back then and even today. The Hershey vacations became popular because of the amazing rides which were found no where else. The famous Wildcat roller coaster was one of the most popular rides of the 1970s and even still is, even today. There are many developments that have been made since that time.


The Hershey Park has a lot of attractions which attract people from various parts of the world and belonging to various professions for Hershey vacations. There are many different kinds of rides that are offered here to people. It is said that the park used to have over 100 different rides which are now narrowed down to only 65 and this decrease in number of rides is mainly because of safety purposes. They eliminated these rides because they were there for quite a long time and there were chances that they might fail and cause casualties so they either changed them or simply removed them. The park is famous for the different kinds of roller coasters. There were two types of roller coasters which were very famous. There names were the Flying turns and the Turbulence. They were cancelled about a few years ago. They were canceled because of safety purposes. Apart from the roller coasters, there is the Skyrush which is an amazing ride which makes you feel like you are almost in the sky as the name suggests. The Fahrenheit ride is also very popular ride of the park. Other rides like the Seaquel are also one of the most entertaining rides. These rides are located in the water park area of the Hershey’s park. The Intercoastal Waterways is also a ride of the water park. This ride is really good and is worth riding. The park is also famous for its entertainment purposes. There are several shows that are held every day to entertain guests and these shows are held during different times of the day. Hershey’s park also has many restaurants inside it. So you can fulfill your hunger by visiting one of these restaurants. The Kosher restaurant of the park is a very famous restaurant and is very popular for fast food items like bread rolls, burgers and French fries etc.

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The Hershey vacations are very refreshing. They are the best place where one can go with family and spend a great time together.

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Vacations Experience Of A Lifetime - Hershey Park In Pennsylvania. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.