How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Private Jet Vacations
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How To Save Money & Have Fun On Private Jet Vacations

Published at 12/25/2011 14:44:14


 How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Private Jet Vacations

Private jets or bizjet is a term which is used to describe an aircraft which is relatively smaller in size and can house about 19 people. How I wish, I had a jet that could whisk me away on countless vacations around the globe. Jets have immense benefits for everyone, whether the occasion is for business or just a fun trip with your dear ones, private jet is the answer. As these jets can enormously exceeds the options when it comes to airports and landing. Mostly people think that these jets are only for celebrities and rockstars, to my astonishment this is not the case, everyday these jets are being leased or rented for honey moons, by middle standard business companies and as well as for vacations. So check local companies who are renting out private jets and have a luxurious fun trip with the whole family.



 How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Private Jet Vacations

Private jets have been there for quite a while now, currently these flying machines have two or three engines but initially they had four and where manufactured by jetstar. At the start of 2nd world war, the airplane industry introduced their first private jet on August 27, 1939 named as Heinkel He 178. Although Germany is ascribed for the development of the 1st private jet but history reveals that a British royal air officer named Frank Whittle was the father of jet thrust. Sketches have been found from 1930’s produced by Frank Whittle which shows diagrams of private jets. After the completion of 2nd world war that’s when commercial airline realized the benefits of the private jet and that’s when it got its boom and was used immensely by business personal as well as the aristocrats. 



 How To Save Money & Have Fun On  Private Jet Vacations

Why should one choose to lease or rent a private jet? There are several reasons; a private jet reduces the amount of air time. Who wants to suffer from jetlag on a vacation, since a private jet is known for less air time, hence reducing time zone difference, saving you from jetlag. Mostly people have fear of flying well if you writhe from airplane anxiety then you should definitely opt for a private jet, as in no time you will be at your vacation spot without even realizing as it is much more comfortable and faster than regular air buses. The key feature of a private jet is the luxury and privacy, who wants to be crammed inside an overcrowded coach. Just imagine you and your family no strangers’, just thinking about this is propelling rent out a private jet. How about you?


Tips and comments

There are numerous ways from which you can make your vacation on a private jet fun and exciting, first step is to do some research on who or which company is giving out the cheapest fares for a private jet, you should always try to travel during the week, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest. Always pack your own food to save yourself from the trouble and expense of airport food, as the prices are relatively high for food items especially on airports. Try to find a good deal on hotels, my advice would be to rent a room which has a kitchenette so that you can cook your own food and not spend extra money on expensive restaurants. There are many ways to have a fun exciting trip just do your research on the site that you’re going, I am sure you will find amazing deals and make sure to read blogs they are really helpful. Happy Vacationing….