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Travel Journal For Your Pleasant Vacations


A lot of people would be wondering what a travel journal is? I have an answer for them. Your travel journal is a diary or register which has all the details of a person’s travel adventures. The Travel journal is also known as a travelogue or record of traveling. This journal includes all sorts of experience of a voyager during his journey to different kinds of places. This includes all about the voyager’s pleasant as well as unpleasant vacations. Every place the person has gone and everything he has done there is recorded in the travel journal. There are a lot of pictures added along the description of the places. This is very beneficial for the voyager. He would never lose the precious memories of his pleasant vacations due to this journal. The person can also show this journal to inspire his children when he gets old.


The trend of writing a travel journal is very old. People have been writing their pleasant vacations to encourage the youth to search and explore the wonders of the world. They also write just to inspire their children or grandchildren. There are many travel journals that have been written by ordinary people and have become the cause for their fame. “In the Heart of the Sea”, Nathanial Philbrick earned a place in the spotlight. This travelogue includes all the life experiences of the writer whenever he was on a journey. If you search online, you will find this travel journal rated as a four and a half star journal. Other famous travelogues include “Over the edge of the World”, written by Laurence Bergreen. This journal is also one of the highest rated journals online. This includes all the pleasant as well as the unpleasant vacations and experiences of the writer. Other travelogues like “Discovery illustrated," “Nimrod illustrated," “Manhunt,” and “Women’s Diary” have won a lot of attention from writers.


The travel journal of pleasant vacations must include some specific features. These features are the time and date of your departure from your home. When you mention the exact time and date when you set on a journey in the travelogue, it is much easier to keep track of time. You may never be behind your schedule once you know about your departure from home as well as from one destination to the other. Another important feature is mentioning the hotel or resort where you have to stay. It is also beneficial if you write the rates of food and suite you are staying in. You should also take some photographs on beautiful locations along with your companions and paste them in your travelogue to make it more vibrant and memorable. And the most important feature is to mention every new activity you have done and every new place you have seen in the travel journal. You should also mention your means of travel in the travelogue.

Tips and comments

There are a lot of tips to make your travel journal look and sound attractive to others. The first thing is to take a journal that has a bright cover or you can also make the cover yourself. Write in the journal with different colors of ink according to the information you are mentioning. For example, if you mention about the seas and oceans, you can use a blue pen. Then paste the pictures and photographs you have taken alongside. If you are writing about the trees, grass and other natural features, you can use the green pen. This would make your journal look fun and colorful. After writing all about your pleasant vacations, you can also make little doodles and emoticons that would express your feelings to a greater extent. After finishing off with one journey, always write about your favorite part about that journey and other comments that would explain more to the readers whether to visit or not.
By Sultan Khan, published at 02/15/2012
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