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 As it turns out, the true experience of any place is in some activity. Otherwise observing nature or your environment is not very different from sitting in front of a large screen TV. Truth is monotony leads to boredom, be it in the outdoors or in your regular routine. This brings us to the relatively new concept of Educational Vacations. Learning on the side means your body and your mind are involved in an activity that not only develops your skills but also leaves you with that satisfying feeling of achievement. We are providing you with some tantalizing offers that not only involve you in the spirit of adventure, but leave you in a better state of mind and body. 



Educational Vacations is a relatively recent concept. The truth about the old concept of vacations; time spent away on a beautiful destination doing nothing, is fast getting replaced. It is understandable. Not everyone has the mettle to be out in the sea, but how long can you be entertained on a crowded beech. Similarly, in the scenic vales of far beyond, how long can you be entertained by nature if you are not out there, getting the experience of life in the rough hills? This is how the concept of Educational Vacations has evolved. For people of all ages, it is a much more involving experience to participate in activities that hone their skills. Thus the average vacationer emerges not only with picture of her visit but also spoils of experience which will last her far longer in that feeling of satisfaction which comes from accomplishing something useful.


Everyone chooses vacation spots which suit their own liking. Depending on your own age, tastes and interests, a wide variety of experiences await your arrival. Educational Vacations are entirely about experience. So it’s not a typical academic classroom that you will be placed in, but you will find yourself surrounded by a scenic environment which will itself inspire you to learn and develop in the art of your choice. Be it Painting in Provence, France or Wine tasting in Goose cross Cellars for the eloquent or scuba diving in the deep sea blue in St. Lucia for the adventure enthusiast, the world is your oyster. There is a vast selection to choose from. These include art based workshops in painting and sculpting in the artists' homeland, deep sea diving and exploration in exotic destinations, sports based learning vacations with professional instructors and much more. It all depends on your own taste and desires. 

Tips and comments

It is always good to do your background study before investing your money in any of these wonderful adventures. Experts note that at best, one day is enough for travelers to unwind, and then they look for activities to be involved in. If you are not travelling alone, it is best to take in the interests of your companions as there is always a program to cater to each age group and each interest. So you don’t need to make your companions tag along with you if your interest doesn’t inspire them. They can still develop their interests and learn in the same location so that you all emerge satisfied from your Educational Vacation. It is also good to know the level of the educational program. You wouldn’t like to indulge in a novice level if you think you are a pro and you wouldn’t want to put in big money for a professionals program if you are just trying out in some activity. But don’t worry, a lot of programs permit vacationers to have a free trial before enrolling. It’s always good to know your options and make sure that you get the best out of your trip! 

By Anushay Q., published at 12/28/2011
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Adventure On Educational Vacations!. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.