Top Vacations Spots In The United States
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Top Vacations Spots In The United States

Published at 12/30/2011 15:48:15


Top Vacations Spots In The United States

Who wouldn’t like to go and explore the multifaceted America? Many People from all around the world love to spend their vacations in United States. All you need to have, for United States vacations, is a plenty of time and a pocket full of bucks. America is famous for its sui generis and hypnotizing vacation spots. 



Top Vacations Spots In The United States

It’s spell bounding to see such an amalgamation of cultures in the United States. But it all started about twelve to forty thousand years ago when immigrants from Asia started to settle down over and those immigrants are now called the natives of America. Afterwards people from different sides of the world immigrated here and established themselves.  That is why we see such a vast consolidation of culture in the United States.


Some of the best vacation spots in United State are San Francisco, Washington DC, San Diego, Yellowstone, New York, Maui, Oahu, Yosemite, and Disney world, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Seattle, Austin, Savannah and Chicago.San Francisco is known for its extempore, fluky and impulsive behavior. But it is also known for its bold novelty. One can do a million things over here; enjoy the antique shops in Chinatown or can enjoy the night life in clubs or bars. Ravaging burritos is also one of the best pastimes in San Francisco which is an absolute delight. Then Washington Dc is famous for its monumental landmarks. Visiting the Smithsonian museum is one of the best treat DC can provide you with.  Then come New York which is a superb blend of rough tough people and the sophisticated elegant belles. New York has been listed as one of the top most places where people from all around the world like to spend their vacations. Maui is considered as one of the best islands in the world. With portraits like beaches and other heavenly places, Maui is a paradise on earth. Who needs a reason to be at Maui??  Now something about Las Vegas. As soon as you think about Vegas what immediately comes to your mind are the shimmering and glimmering blondes, clubs and casinos and moreover if a couple wants to get married real soon they fly down to Vegas. That means no frills and gowns, no organ music and no traditional long marriages at churches. The main attraction for kids in America is DISNEY WORLD. It’s a land of mind boggling swings, never ending games a , in short a heaven for the children.  Then New Orleans can be termed as the gutsiest city because it survived the destruction caused by Katrina and is still attracting tourists and people from all around the world like a magnet.  Seattle is considered as one of the most laid back city. If you prefer solitude over the madness of Manhattan then Seattle is the right place for you. Then again Miami Beach has the casualness of Seattle and aggressiveness of Las Vegas. Puerto Rico is the best place for night persons, adventure seekers and is the best place to get a tan, after Miami Beach and Maui. If someone wants a quick and economical trip than Puerto Rico is the best spot for them. Charleston is also one of the best holiday spot in America. It is famous for its’ Southern elegance and charm and allures the people because of its marvelous architecture. Finally san Antonio’s charm is the architecture plus in the richness of culture and history it represents. A trip to Alamo and River Walk is mandatory if you are visiting San Antonio.


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And the list goes on and on. But, seriously, if anyone ever gets a chance to visit America he should never commit the sin of saying NO. He should just pack his bags and go. But don’t forget the big bucks!