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Snorkeling Vacations On Egypt's Red Sea Coast


Egypt the city cold gold is one of the best vacation spot in the world. It has been observed that the highlight of many vacations is at a beach. Egypt’s red sea coast or Sharm el Sheikh on the Bayou of Aqaba is known to be the home of many underwater adventures and activities. The resort area is famed for its scuba diving and snorkeling sights. People from around the world visit this historical country to see the glittering white beaches and the warm glassy waters. The sights house color full reefs and many colorful fishes, making it the most exquisite part of your vacation.


Egypt is famous for its history. Egyptian history can be divided into the following periods known as the Prehistoric Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Greco-Roman, Medieval Egypt and Modern Egypt. History of Egypt can be dated to 31st Century BC. That’s a long way back in time in a summary in Ancient Egypt it started from the Dynastic Period which started from the 31st century and ended during the 27th century, this was followed by the old kingdom, first intermediate period, Middle kingdom, second intermediate period, new kingdom of Egypt, third Intermediate period and the Later period of ancient period. The Greco-Roman Egypt, started with Ptolemaic Egypt 332 to 30 BC followed by the Roman Egypt and Byzantine Egypt. Then started the Medieval Egypt the highlights from this era are; Arab Egypt 639 to 1250, Mamluk Egypt 1250 to 1517 and the Ottoman Egypt 1517 to 1805. The modern Egypt began from 1882 till now.


Sharm el Sheik is celebrated for its entertainment value through the world. It has something for all ages and interests, the calm waters and the beaches make it the best vacation spot for families and a utopia for multi-generational travel holidays. At the Red sea Coast families can enjoy peace and tranquility, beautiful beaches and amazing underwater adventures geared with all equipment. The great thing about the coast is that the shallow reef is reachable from the beach, which makes it a perfect place for snorkeling. The Red, blue, green, and yellow Corals will take your breath away and will make this trip a memorable trip for life. The adventure under water houses colorful fishes, eels more than 2 meters long and an intermittent friendly visit from the sharks. Non-swimmers fear not, the coast fulfills your needs as well, by providing you with a glass bottom boat trip, or just striding knee deep in the clear waters of the beach.

Tips and comments

Planning to go to the Red sea coast of Egypt? A few things that you should keep in mind, book in advance as during the peak seasons the beaches are extremely crowded and you might find it hard to get a booking. It is imperative to keep a first aid kit as you never know what goes wrong. Find a good travel guide, buy yourself a nice underwater camera and get ready to capture the magnificent life that lives under water. Its always to be prepared before-hand, right?

By Anushay Q., published at 01/02/2012
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Snorkeling Vacations On Egypt's Red Sea Coast. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.