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Philippines, wonder of the world. Philippines vacations have been very popular for vacations throughout the world. The reasons are simple, beauty, Charm and hospitality; this is what acts as a magnetic force and pulls people towards its self. Everyone wants to spend some peaceful time away from all the tensions that drives everyone insane. If you are looking for a breakaway, Philippines is the place to be.  The natural beauty and culture alone with that there is an abundance of crystal clear water, white sandy beaches which will surely take your breath away. One and all deserve a vacation, but there is time that you can always look for a luxury philippines vacations. Fear not there is always a way of finding a Cheap solution, that can get you the luxuries you desire.



History reveals that Philippines came to existence almost 30,000 years ago. Civilization entered here through land bridges. On March 16th 1521 the visit from the west was made to the Homonhon island. The trip was made by Ferdinand Magellan, before the arrival of Magellan there were numerous tribes that roamed around the isles. Philippines went through a series of era’s which include the Classical Epoch Era dating from (900-1521) the Spanish Era (1521-1898) American Period (1898-1946). In 1946 Philippines got its Independence and became a sovereign state.


A vacation to the beautiful Philippines has much to offer, the warm water of the ocean, the colorful corals and coral reefs. Luckily the water shallow enough which gives the visitor a great opportunity for scuba diving, snorkeling and many more activities. There are many hotels that you can check out but if you are on a tight budget, the best place to check out is Manila. Manila is extremely affordable and allows you stay in style and luxury for philippines vacations. Picturesque views and the natural beauty will sweep you off your feet and make you want to stay forever. Philippines is a tropical country, so the chances are that you will experience something completely different and unique, including transportation and everything else. So don’t hold back, get your tickets for the Philippines today. 

Tips and comments

There are several reasons to make a trip to Philippines. The country is rich with culture the prices are amazingly cheap and the hospitality is great. Once you have decided upon going on trip to this gorgeous country, it is imperative to find out the spots that you want visit as there is an abundance of beaches around the country. It is always advisable to go through a travel agent, as they will be able to arrange a trip that sits perfectly according to your budget. You should know beforehand as to why are you going for philippines vacations?  This will help you in arranging a trip that you fulfill your desires. Once you reach your hotel, look for a tour guide who can help you around. Don’t worry you will find one very easily as there are numerous of them standing outside you hotel. If you really want an adventurous trip then just buy a map and let the fun begin.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/02/2012
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Philippines Vacations For Cheap Luxury Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.