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Fun Things To Do In Your Vacations!

Published at 01/08/2012 12:23:17


In vacations, the best times are usually celebrated when you try something creative.  Here are ten great ideas for fun things to do on your vacation.


1.Try a home swap. Home-swapping is an exciting new trend.  You swap your home with someone else for a week, fortnight, or however long you want to go on holiday.  Learn about a different culture and see what life is like for ordinary people in another country. You also get to relax and chill out in a different environment for free! Just make sure that the family that you swapping home with are people that you trust.

2.Go on a working holiday. Working while holidaying is fun.  Learn new skills in farming, archaeology, palaeontology and other fields that welcome volunteers.  Having a vacation while working is best for people who can’t take a full break from their vacation.

3.Around The World. Emulating Phileas Fogg is easier nowadays than it used to be, nevertheless a round-the-world trip is still quite an adventure and can take you to some of the more remote and interesting parts of the globe.

4. Live it up.Living the high life for a week or two can be a great experience.  And you don't have to travel far – it might just be a local hotel.  Book into a five-star establishment and pamper yourself.

5. Gamble in Las Vegas. It's the Mecca for gamblers the world over – Las Vegas.  As long as you're careful and don't mind losing a little bit of money, the famous Las Vegas Strip is a fun place to spend a week or two.


6. Explore the 'undiscovered'. In vacations, the most exciting experiences involve exploring the 'undiscovered', and while it is certainly more difficult today to experience the thrill of true exploration, the opportunities are there. Whether it is the forests and mountains of Appalachia or the remotest parts of the Amazon jungle, adventure awaits for the bold and brave.

7. Work for a charity. You might be helping a conservation charity in a foreign country, or a medical charity in a developing country.  Whatever your choice, if you devote your time to others, you will come away feeling you have made a difference.

8. Learn a language. Language learning holidays allow you to immerse yourself in a language and culture.  You can make terrific progress quickly, especially if you already had a basic knowledge of the relevant language before your trip.

 9. Life on the ocean wave, with a twist. A unique way to spend your vacation is aboard a working ship, traversing the oceans.  It's expensive, but it surely offers an unforgettable experience.  Many shipping companies offer a passenger service, but book as early as possible.  One word of warning: you may find that the ship has to divert to an unscheduled destination, so you need to be flexible.

10.Traditional seaside experience.Seasides are fashionable and trendy again, especially in the UK, where resorts such as Brighton and Blackpool have reinvented themselves.  Yet the traditional experiences remain timeless: walk along the pier, build a sand-castle, try fish and chips and sticky rock, play in the arcades, and in the evening, catch a show.  What more could you ask for?

Tips and comments

Whether it’s a home swap, a cruise tour, charity works or learning a language there are loads things that you can do during your vacations. It’s much needed escape from stress, work and other activities. It allows you to let your hair down and have fun in your vacations!