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All About the Art Institute Of Pittsburgh

Published at 02/27/2012 19:09:32


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has a curriculum designed for students interested in fashion, culinary skills, fashion, design, and the media. Programs include certifications, associate's degrees, and bachelor's degrees. Students who later wish to transfer to another college or university can also take general education courses at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

After graduation, the Institute will help students find job placement. During their education at the Institute, students are strongly encouraged to create a portfolio of previous work to show to employers after graduation. Those who live far away from Pittsburgh or who do not enjoy an in-classroom education can take several courses online. Currently, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh does not offer all of its courses online. Programs at the Institute may take students several months or up to four to five years of full-time schooling to complete.

Admissions Process

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh features several open house events for prospective students. E-mail or call 1-800-275-2470 to schedule an open house visit. Students can also navigate to to arrange a meeting with admissions officers at the institute, or call 1-800-275-2470 to schedule a visit with an admissions officer. High school graduates, GED recipients or those with associate's degrees must hold a minimum of a 2.0 GPA for admissions into the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Students may have to show educational transcripts or diplomas or degrees during the admissions process. Some academic programs at the institute, such as the Media Arts and. Animation program, require that prospective students provide a portfolio of previous work. During the application process, students must also write an admissions essay. It may take several weeks to learn if your application has been accepted or denied.


Tuition costs vary at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh depending on the type of program selected. The 3D Modeling for Games certificate, for example, is estimated to cost students about $19,000 to complete. A Media Arts and. Animation bachelor's degree is expected to cost a prospective students about $88,000. Tuition assistance, scholarships, grants and loans are available to students who qualify.

Students can also ask about financial assistance during the admissions process for the institute. Students may be able to transfer credits from another college or university to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Speak to an advisor about the possibility of transferring classes.

Institute History

As advertising became more important in 1920s America, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh arose to help students gain an education in advertising, media and other creative pursuits. The institute has now blossomed into six school locations in downtown Pittsburgh and, as technology has improved, the institute has expanded its curriculum to educate students in design software for video games, movies and other media formats. Students can learn and work in one of the 17 computer labs on-campus.