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How To Apply To The Art Institute Of Illinois Schaumburg

Published at 02/23/2012 23:27:51


The Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg is located in suburban Chicago. Each study program is offered year-round, which allows students to continue their education through graduation. It is considered an Institute of higher education; the art Institute offers degree programs in the areas of creative and applied arts. The college has a diverse student body, and promotes an environment where students can expand their creativity, and obtain the knowledge and skills needed to follow their chosen career choice.

Step 1

To be judged for admission to The Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg, a potential student must produce a high school diploma or GED Certificate. The prospective student will be interviewed by the Assistant Director of Admissions, at campus when possible. If the prospective student lives far away and cannot make the trip to campus, a telephone or internet interview may be possible.

Step 2

The reasons for the pre-admission interviews are to:

Investigate the student’s background and pursuits as they connect to programs offered at The Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg.

Help prospective students identify areas of study that match their background and interests.

Impart information regarding class offerings and support services available.

Assist in evaluating whether the potential student has a practical chance of effectively completing the suitable program of education.

If it is decided that an equally advantageous situation exists, the potential student will have the chance to complete an application for admission to The Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg.

National exams like the SAT or ACT may be measured for admission, but are not mandatory. All candidates for admission will be expected to present an article of 300 words explaining what the scholar expects to achieve while studying at The Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg.

Evidence of a high school diploma or equivalent is mandatory for final admission to the college. A student will not be allowed to remain in their second semester of education without a transcription showing a high school promotion, GED scores or a copy of their high school diploma.

Financial aid qualified students will not collect financial aid until certification of high school achievement is provided.

A candidate who possesses a bachelor's degree may present proof of that degree as proof of satisfying the high school achievement requirement. High school candidates who have not graduated should obtain a partial transcript that shows their anticipated graduation date in order to be assessed for early provisional acceptance.

Candidates must also make available current immunization histories.

Candidates with portfolios or prior education are assessed during the admittance process for possible advanced placement at the Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg .

Step 3

The Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg does not differentiate based on age, faith, race, doctrine, color, national origin, heritage, sex, sexual orientation or disability or any other individual protected by state, local or federal law. Candidates requiring extra educational or tuition support will be referred to suitable government agencies or other distinctive educational establishments equipped to manage such situations.

Step 4

The Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg believes that excellence in education:

  • Involves competency based results and assessment;
  • Improves the lives of pupils, faculty, staff, and alumni;
  • Embraces diversity;
  • Contributes supportively to the office and the community;
  • Is industry appropriate.

Step 5

The vision of the Art Institute of Illinois Schaumburg is to increase their leadership role in advanced education and the creative community through constant improvement and development with quality.


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