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What Is A Paint Gauge

Published at 02/08/2012 19:54:27


What is a paint gauge? It is basically an instrument or a tool to measure the paint thickness of an object say a metal such as steel or aluminum, for example. It accurately measures the thickness of variety of substrates or a supporting material on which a circuit is formed or made. Also, it measures the total film thickness on the surface. This means that it is measuring the E-coat, primer surface, base coat, and the clear coat combined. It is also called by different names such as paint depth gauge and refinishing gauge. It is commonly found and used in the automotive industry where they are helpful tool to detailers and refinishers. The purpose for this instrument is to confirm a paint job to meet the standards of the manufacturer for the quality control of the car. The use of this measuring instrument is highly convenient for all people who run a retail car business, professional car buyers, dealerships, painters, and even for those individuals who just want to ensure the quality and quantity of paint being used.


To simply put, a paint gauge is practically a convenient tool for measuring paint thickness. For entrepreneurs particularly in line with automobiles, the usage of such instrument is vital to ensure consumer value and maintain profitability. Paint gauge are produced by many companies to sell through catalogs to the automotive professionals. In addition, the use of this measuring instrument by detailers increases their credibility. But even for just regular individuals, paint gauge can still be beneficial.


How does it work? First, it measures the part with no coating. Then it determines if a calibration adjustment is needed for the particular object being measured. After which it measures the bare surface's thickness within tolerance. Paint gauge can be used with a mechanical gauge and a magnet in order to determine the thickness of the paint on what force is needed to remove the magnet. Steel and other metals can be used as ferrous backings to work with these gauges. Electrical currents are used as measurements for electrical paint gauge, while fiber glass and plastics are used on ultrasound gauges to measure the depth of paint. The following are several types of paint gauge:

• Coating thickness gauge.
• Paint meter.
• Wet and dry film thickness gauge.

So why buy a paint gauge? One of the advantages of using a paint gauge is that it saves time. Time is such an important element that wasting it would be considered almost a crime. With the use of this instrument, it will be much faster and much accurate in comparison to the traditional time consuming methods. Another advantage is that it is like having an X-Ray vision. Paint gauge practically just measures the thickness of the paint. But with its use comes a great benefit. It is an efficient tool for finding evidence of accidents, patching of rust spots, and past paint repairs. Also, it is reliable, quantifiable, and accurate. Repainted automobiles result to a reduction in it is actual cash value. But if paint gauge is used, there is no need to repaint for there is efficient measurement of paint thickness. Moreover, it ensures safety of the clear coat. It is truly convenient for heavy correction such as wet sanding. It helps keep track of how much is being taken off and ensures accuracy.