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Benefits Of Obtaining An Associates Liberal Arts Degree

Published at 02/25/2012 15:07:10


Earning a university degree can open up many new avenues for you. University education can be very expensive and time-consuming. You have to study for at least four years in order to earn an undergraduate degree. However, you can opt for an Associate's Degree which will enable you to earn a Bachelor's Degree within a shorter time period. The average time needed to earn an associates degree is two years or less. This is equivalent to 12-18 credit hours per semester. An associate degree can be of four types: Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Arts (AA), Associates of Applied Science degree and Associate of Business Administration degree.

Today, there are lots of universities and colleges that provide you with this option. Private and community colleges/ universities as well as vocational institutions have started offering Associate Degrees. Different countries of the world have slowly introduced and accepted the idea of awarding Associate's Degrees. Associate Degrees have been prevalent in the U.S.A and Canada since a very long time.

Other countries were a little late in the introduction of associate degrees. For example, Hong Kong introduced the Associates Degree in 2000. It was not until 2004 that the Australian Government put in the Associate Degree as part of their "Australian Qualifications Framework". The Dutch Educational System added it only recently in 2011. Thus it is a more recent innovation in most countries across the world.

A student who earns an Associate of Arts degree can major in any area of liberal arts. There are a number of benefits of acquiring an associates liberal arts degree. Firstly, it makes the life of those who want to pursue a job and an undergraduate degree simultaneously much easier. It enables you to attend classes in the evenings. So you have the option of working in the mornings.

Secondly, because an associates liberal arts degree allows you to graduate earlier you can enter the market before those pursuing Bachelors degree of your age. This will make securing a job less competitive for you. Thirdly, an associates liberal arts degree works well for those who decide that they want to change their profession at a much later stage. They might come across a job opportunity that does not match up to their qualifications. In order to be able to get hold of such an opportunity an associates degree is the right solution.

This way you would not have to spend another four years in university/ college. If you possess a bachelors degree in marketing, and you are looking to get a job in a renowned non-governmental organization. If at this stage you decide to take up an associates liberal arts degree you will have greater value on the market than other marketing majors. It is a well known fact that an associates liberal arts degree turns you into a well rounded person. Since when you study the courses that make up an associates liberal arts degree you will ultimately become more creative and open minded. The subject matter of an associates liberal arts degree incorporates knowledge from a wide range of fields such as philosophy, media studies, sociology etc.


An associates liberal arts degree can be earned via the Internet. These online programs will save more time and make your life a lot easier.