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How To Apply To The Kc Art Institute


The KC Art Institute is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The Institute began in 1885 and many aspiring artists in that year formed a club called "Sketch Club". The Sketch Club was made with the sole purpose to talk about art and to judge each others pictures. The artists met in private homes and then the students moved the meetings to a building called Deardorf Building. Deardorf Building is located in download town Kansas City on 11th and Main. The Sketch Club had their first art exhibition 2 years later in 1887. Twelve artists formed the "Kansas City Art Association & School of Design". Howard Vanderslice bought the August R. Meyer building in 1927 and the accompanying estate next to the Nelson Atkins Museum on 44th and Warwick. Currently, many aspiring artists and painters still apply to KC Art Institute to learn.

Step 1

Apply to KC Art Institute. If you have no received any snail mail or e-mail from the KC Art Institute, you must complete the online account and the web application. KC Art Institute allows you to apply to their institute on the Internet via web application. You must visit the application page on the KC Art Institute website in order to apply to the KC Art Institute. The application process is simple and easy. Once your application was accepted by the KC Art Institute, you must return to the web application page to complete your dormitory or Living Center application. According to the KC Art Institute, web applications get the same attention as paper applications, which means it takes the same amount of time to respond to electronic applications and paper applications, so you your application does not receive preferential treatment.

Step 2

Do not create an online account if you have received e-mails and snail mail from the KC Art Institute. If you are receiving mails from the KC Art Institute, that means you already have an online account. Your online account information was sent to you by postage mail or in your e-mail inbox.

Step 3

Login to your account on the KC Art Institute's homepage with your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, you need to e-mail the KC Art Institute admissions department at

Step 4

Complete your BFA application once you sign-in to your KC Art Institute account. Once you complete your application, the admissions staff at the KC Art Institute will review the application. Complete the application and when you are finished, click "Submit" to submit your BFA application. You must pay the application fee. You can pay with a credit card online or you can mail a money order or personal check to the KC Art Institute admissions office. Your application is not processed until you pay the application fee.

Step 5

Complete your Living Center application once your KC Art Institute application is accepted. Go to the page where you completed the BFA application with the same login information. You must pay the deposits for the application and successfully complete the Living Center application.

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