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Tips For Using Photopaint Studio

What is photopaint studio?

Today, you will find many applications that are used by people to edit photos, videos and audios. There are some of the applications that are very commonly used by most people. Photo editing applications are mostly used by a lot of people. This is the one chief reason for the popularity of the image editor programs. There are numerous image editors available to download and purchase. 

Step 1

You can get several applications for editing your photos. However, people believe in the simplicity of the application. This is because they do not want to get entangled in the long procedures to do a simple work. This has forced software developers to develop the easiest programs that can be accessed by all without having much knowledge about the photo edition. 

Step 2

There is one fine release by Ability Software Inc. to the market, which is very effective tool for photo editing. This is known as Ability photopaint studio. This is very easy to operate software that can handle lots of photo editing in minutes.

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Development of Photopaint Studio:

The Ability Software Inc. is an American software company that was established in 90s. The company was previously associated with the development of office suites. Ability office suites are highly demanded in the market even today. The first release of the Ability office was done in the year 1985. 

Step 4

The company has also released various presentation applications, database modules, photo albums etc. The latest release of the company is photopaint studio. This is a fully featured photo editing software having lots of tools to edit and morph the photographs.

Step 5

Features of PhotoPaint Studio:

The editing of photos is done by almost every person having little knowledge of any photo editing software. The photopaint studio is one of the easiest software that is available in the market for photo editing. There are a lot options that can be used to edit the photos easily. There are some few cool things that you can do with PhotoPaint Studio.

You can easily do the following editing with PhotoPaint Studio:

• You can create the new image file with clicking on File and then, New. You can use the blank image file for creating lots of customized shapes and use them in your final image.
• To draw the shapes, you have to click on the shapes icon present on toolbar. You can find the desired shape by clicking on the shape icon and insert it in the image file.
• To resize the image, you have to click in the image button located at the top of the window. A dropdown menu will appear where you have to click on the resize link. You can adjust the height and the width accordingly.
• You can access all the functions very easily with the help of toolbar. You can hover the cursor on the icons to show the tooltip which will show you what that button does.

Tips and Comments

The use of PhotoPaint Studio is simple. You can access everything from it. You can find various artistic effects, blur effects, sharpen, random selection and a lot of other effects.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/10/2012
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Tips For Using Photopaint Studio. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.