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How To Make a Layout With Jasic Paint Shop


Jasic Paint Shop is a software product that can assist a user in formatting newsletters and other documents. Included layout functions will aid the user in formatting graphics, text and grids into professional documents. Creating a layout with Jasic Paint Shop is easy when the user follows simple instructions.

Step 1

Open the Jasic Paint Shop program and click on “file” and then “open”. Move the cursor to select an image or document that will be used to make the layout. A shortcut for this step would be to open an existing Jasic Paint Shop document that has been used as a newsletter and make this your template. If you double click on a document it will then be added to Jasic Paint Shop.

Step 2

Click on “file” once the selected document in step one has been opened. Select and click on “layout” to open the layout window. Using the mouse, drag the image of the loaded document from the layout pane to the main pane located in the center of the Jasic Paint Shop computer screen.

Step 3

Open the view menu and click on “show grid” to display the grid that will be used to align images and text boxes. Once again open the view menu and click on “snap” to turn on the snap feature of Jasic Paint Shop, which will allow the user to snap items to the grid, which makes positioning easier.

Step 4

Click on the image and drag it into the preferred screen location. If the image needs resizing, click on a corner handle and drag the image to the preferred size. For image rotating, open the Jasic Paint Shop edit menu and click on “rotate”. If an image needs to have the color adjusted, click “adjust” and then “brightness and contrast”. Change the numbers in the brightness box and preview the image by selecting the picture of an eye. If the image has too little definition, select the “clarity” option and then select “adjust”. Other selections that can be used for picture clarity are “hue and saturation” and “lightness”. If only one color needs to be changed, select “edit” and then select the color that needs to be changed. If a wide area of color needs to be changed, select “master” and then move the sliders to select the desired area that needs to be altered. Use the eye button to preview the picture while making changes. Beside the Jasic Paint Shop  "Edit" will be a selection of colors, click on the color that needs to be changed.

Step 5

Locate the “A” icon from the toolbar over the layout canvas and click the icon. Drag the canvas arrows to create a text box and type desired text into the box. If you need more room, extend the box. Once the text has been typed, press “enter” to save the text into the box.

Step 6

Click on the disk icon located on the toolbar and open the "Save template" dialog box. Type the template name and a brief description and then click “ok” to save the template document. When exiting the menu, click on “file” and then “close.”  Once you close the document, the Jasic Paint Shop program will close.


  • Always save your work as you progress
  • The Jasic Paint Shop layout mode blocks access to Paint Shop Pro’s commands

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