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Ways To Create A Tradeshow Exhibit Design


A terrific tradeshow exhibit design is essential in achieving success in trade show promotions. Businesses want diverse styles, so be vigilant in creating an appropriate tradeshow exhibit design. Create a trade show booth that reflects the company's image and gets the desired response. To do this:

Step 1

First, talk to your client about the purpose of the booth. What is the main goal of showing at the trade show? To capture customer leads, increase the excitement about a new product? The purpose of the tradeshow exhibit design will affect what type of booth to create.

Brainstorm ideas for tradeshow exhibit design. Think about how to showcase the product or company. In some instances, large posters with information work well to get the point across. In others, use display cases to exhibit the product or television sets to show videos.

Consider the size of the space available. When signing up to participate in the trade show, be sure to get the booth dimensions from the trade show organizers. This will decide the limitations of the tradeshow exhibit design.

Choose the right colors. What image should be portrayed? Light colors convey a professional appearance while bright colors attract attention. Choose colors that fit the company's character.

Step 2

Display product information in an extraordinary way. Contemplate about how booth visitors will get information. Take-away pamphlets, short videos or PowerPoint presentations can quickly show off the main points of the product.

Step 3

Design a method to collect visitor contact information. Most companies try to gather contact information from visitors who stop by a booth they designed. This provides a means to contact them with follow-up information about the design and possibly to obtain new clients or sales.

Step 4

Don't skimp on graphics and tradeshow exhibit design in the display or the brochures. People can recognize quality trade show exhibit booths and are attracted to them. Clean, attractive tradeshow exhibit design booths created by professionals are one investment where quality beats affordability every time.

Try interactive demonstrations. Hands-on exhibits are a crowd pleasing draw at any trade show. An interactive demonstration gives potential customers a feel for the merchandise and the company on a real level, even more so when it's entertaining. Touch-screen monitors, interactive product demonstrations or anything that leaves a lasting impression with a potential client.

Step 5

Send notices to potential customers letting them know that a booth you designed is at a tradeshow and give them the booth number. Also, have your company name and phone number printed somewhere on the booth.

Lastly, think about whether the tradeshow exhibit design booth needs to be portable. If the plan is to travel to numerous trade shows across the country, it's best to have a tradeshow exhibit design booth that can be easily transported.


  • Design a tradeshow display to your match your client’s personality.
  • Use design software specifically made for marketing promotions.
  • Make a tradeshow booth that is easily put up and taken down.
  • Offer assistance in setting up and taking down the booth.
  • Double check all spelling and any other client specifications.
By Oliver DeKitti, published at 02/22/2012
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Ways To Create A Tradeshow Exhibit Design. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.