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How To Find A Certapro Painter

Published at 03/18/2012 09:05:27


The Certapro company employs talented and professional painters that are trained to paint homes. If you are interested in having your home painting and do not want to paint it yourself, you may want to consider hiring a Certapro painter to do the project for you. Before you can hire a painter, you will need to know where you find one.

Step 1

Check your local newspaper for Certapro painters listings. Most Certapro companies will place ads in their local newspaper to attract customers and make the community aware of the business. Some Certapro painters may also list their independent services. Use the contact information in the newspaper ad to contact the Certapro painter. Inform the painter of the amount of rooms that will be painted and any other special service requests you may have. If you are interested in a price quote, make an appointment with the painter and arrange a time for him to come look at the rooms that need painted so he can give you a proper estimate.

Step 2

Visit the Certapro website. The website will show you where you can find and contact a Certapro painter near you. You can also find more information on the Certapro painting services, choose the colors you want for your home, view images of other homes that have been painted by Certapro painters and read the blog to get honest customer reviews and opinions on the company. Type your zip code into the "Find a Painter" box to see a list of Certapro painters near you. Use the contact information in the list to contact the painter and arrange an appointment time or to request more information about Certapro services.

Step 3

Visit your local paint supply store and look for flyers or business cards from local Certapro businesses. Some paint supply stores work closely with Certapro painters and will recommend and advertise for them. You can also speak directly with a store employee to see if they are aware of any Certapro painters in the area and how you can contact them.

Step 4

Call the Certapro customer service number to request painting services. You will need to know basic information about the home you want painted such as the side, the type of material that will be painted such as wood or siding and the color scheme you plan to use. If you have a certain time you want to project done or a time limit to have them completed, inform the customer service representative. If you are looking for a price quote, ask to have a team member sent to your home to inspect the area that needs to be painted and give you a price estimate. If you are comfortable with the estimate and still interested in hiring a Certapro painter, arrange a time for the project to begin.

Step 5

Talk with friends and family members who have recently had their home painted by a Certapro painter. Ask how they were able to locate the painter and if they were happy with the Certapro services. Not only will this help you find a Certapro painter in your area, but also help you decide if you want to hire one for your painting project.


Prepare a time limit and budget before contating the Certapro painter.

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