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About the Chicago Art Institute Store


Art museums are a great source of art, history, and culture. There are many art museums present in the world. The chief motive of art museums is to provide education about fine art, design, photography, music etc. There are many students that are studying in many art institutes of world. The art institutes also have store where people can buy variety of things for designing fine arts. Museums feature several paintings, designs, historical sculptures, exhibitions, sales etc. The fine art institutes provide people a chance to explore their hidden talent and make their imaginations realities. The Chicago Art Institute Store is one of the leading art institutes of the world. This is a heritage institute located in Chicago. This is also the premier institute providing the education of many arts. If you are one of the students of Chicago and seeking for the art institute near you, Chicago Art Institute Store is the best you can find here.

History of the Chicago Art Institute Store

The history of Chicago Art Institute Store is very interesting. The establishment of institute was done in 1879. However, the foundation of the academy was initiated in the 1866. Due to Great Chicago Fire held in 1871 destroyed the previous building and much loss was suffered. The name Chicago Academy of Fine Arts was given in 1979. The current name Art Institute of Chicago was coined in the year 1882. The current location of the institute was changed on October 31, 1893. There had been lots of changes in the institute. The major expansion in the college was done in 1980s by James N. Wood. The construction of "The Modern Wing" began in the year 2006.

Features of Chicago Art Institute Store

The Chicago Art Institute Store is located at 111 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  The present director of institute is Douglas Duck. This institute has been ranked fifth nationally and 21st globally. There are many collections in the museum. The collection from 5,000 years of human culture around the world can be seen here. There are more than 260,000 artworks present in the institute. The Chicago Art Institute Store is famous for the collection of impressionists, post-impressionists, and American paintings. You can also find various collections of African-American art here. The Chicago Art Institute Store is also a fine art college. You will find many fine art courses here. This is a premier institution that offers graduate, post-graduate, and undergraduate degree courses. This is best place for studying art in Chicago.

If you are a native of Chicago, you certainly do not have a better option than the Chicago Art Institute Store. It has everything you need for art education and appreciation.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/15/2012
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