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Best Places To Find Custom Lighted Exit Signs

Introduction to illuminated exit signs

Lighted exit signs are the sign boards used for the purpose of safety. These are also knows as the emergency exit signs. The feature of these signs is that they provide illumination to the word ‘Exit’. The illumination helps in the easy recognition of the exit sign. In this way, they are helpful in making people aware of the emergency doors. 

Step 1

This is the best way to light the word and make it visible from very far. Various circumstances are there in which people need to look at these signs immediately. The conditions such as earthquakes or fire require quick visibility of the emergency sings. If the sings are not clear, people may find it difficult to get out the building. 

Step 2

There are some of the emergency lights that are manufactured by many companies. Several types of illuminations are used in these lights. The lighted exit signs provide excellent way of making people aware of the path in case of emergency.

Step 3

History of exit signs
EXIT signs were made before with simple design on the plate of metal. The metal plate was covered in the glass cover. The use of red color was done for writing the EXIT letter. The red color was preferred because it gave the illuminating effect to the word. 

Step 4

This is also recognized easily from the distance. The first designs of emergency boards were very simple. There was later development of better sings which resembled the signs used by people today. The lighted exit signs are made with the LED technology. 

Step 5

LED technology is very efficient and it has proven to be the best in illumination. The other advantage of LED is that it consumes very less amount of electricity and produces more light with that amount.

Features of lighter exit signs

There are many places where you can get the lighted exit signs. However, you should know that what type of emergency sign you want. To make custom lighted exit signs some of the companies provide you the option. You can make the exit sings according to your need. You can find many such companies online that offer you to build custom lighted exit sings. These are helpful because you get the customized look of the sign. There are some people that do not prefer the factory look of sings. They want to make their own designs. The use of custom build designs helps such people get their favorite designed exit sings. There are lots of things that you can customize. The use of lights, color, font type, the board etc. all can be customized. Some lighted exit signs makers also give you the facility to use the templates. These template signs are easy to customize. You will get the design that you want easily. Therefore, this is not as hard as you think

Tips to find lighted exit sign maker

To find a good lighted exit signs maker you can search online. The online lighted exit sign makers can be located easily. You need to simply pass them the design you need and you will get that soon.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/15/2012
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Best Places To Find Custom Lighted Exit Signs. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.