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How To Find the Best Academy Art Institute

The institutions which principally prioritize and concentrate on painting, graphic designing, photography, illustration and various other forms of visual arts with the opportunity for higher studies in these fields are conceptualized as Academy Art Institute. The institutions other than Art School have these art subjects, but they are put under a broader umbrella. 

Step 1

Academy Art Institute in America is so famous that every artistic genius strives hard to get there. Getting admission in an Academy Art Institute is tough, but if the criteria are fulfilled then it is not that difficult. Competition is relentless in this arena. And once selected, the candidates get well placed and therefore there is no turning back after that.

Step 2

America's Best Academy Art Institute

Art Institute of Pittsburgh in United Sates is the biggest and one of the most renowned Academy Art Institutes in the world.

The Rhode Island School of Design- This institution is respected and revered by artists and experts from all over the art galaxy, and students tirelessly seek to get admitted here.

Step 3

Art history with visual art and visual techniques are dealt with in Yale University, which is a very reputable Academy Art Institute in America. Prospects and openings available here are akin to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Many such esteemed universities are Cranbrook Academy of Art, Maryland Institute College, Art Center College of Design, Virginia Commonwealth University, etc.

Step 4

What does it take to get in the top American Academy Art Institute according to the experts?

According to the interviews with, 14 experts from the various top art institutions have collectively agreed upon the fact that it is not just the artistic capacity, but also a knockout portfolio, good marks or grades, intense motivation, coherent inclination towards and lots of passion.

Step 5

Kendra E. Dane, currently the Executive Director of Admissions and Marketing at Art Institute of Chicago, has mentioned that the level of keenness among students to push themselves beyond the boundaries is looked for as a criterion of selection.

For Tom Lightfoot, the intermingling with art should be more than the normal level, only then the passion is well expressed.

Criteria of selection in the best art institutes:

For the Art Institute of Pittsburgh the criteria that are needed for selecting an applicant are: he or she must have attended the high school graduation level must have the GED credential, or at least must be a graduate or higher. Students must submit the SAT or the ACT scores. A complete application, a statement by the student should be mentioned stating how this academy art institute can help him to achieve the perceived goal, is essential. 

Similar requisites are there in every other art college. At the Art Institute of Chicago a student must have acquired all the aforementioned nuts and bolts. Foreign students will be required to submit the results of TOEFL or IELTS. Ingenuousness and the capacity to draw upon innovative ideas etc are very important in a portfolio and technicality, a sense of intense creativity, commitment and the ability to give a direction to the work committed to are the main look-about for the selectors of every academy art institute.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/16/2012
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