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How To Prepare a Seafood And Vegetable Meal


When you want to make your family's meals more nutritious, one of the first steps is to eliminate meat with high fat content. Replace the protein portion with fish and seafood that is tasty and provides plenty of nutrients. Seafood must be very fresh to avoid the fishy flavors that some children hate. When you use frozen seafood, make sure it from a reputable source or major brand. The process of freezing the seafood should retain its freshness. Pair the seafood with vegetables to create a well-rounded meal. The vitamins and minerals in most vegetables complement the protein of the seafood to ensure a healthy diet for each member of your family.

Step 1

Create an elegant stir-fry meal with fresh, peeled shrimp and a selection of colorful vegetables. You can also use frozen shrimp that has been thoroughly thawed. Make sure the shrimp has the veins removed before you begin your cooking. The stir-fry may be cooked in a wok or a heavy skillet heated to a high temperature. Cut vegetables like carrots, summer squash, onions, bell peppers and broccoli into pieces that are of similar size. Place the vegetables in a small portion of heated sesame oil and toss until they are lightly cooked. Add the shrimp, minced garlic and ginger last and cook until the shrimp is done all the way through.

Step 2

Prepare fresh salmon by broiling or pan frying it. This heart-healthy fish has a bold flavor, so it can be served with vegetables that are prepared in simple style. Baby green beans are an excellent accompaniment to the seafood when they are lightly cooked in olive oil or steamed. Steamed mixed vegetables look great on the plate and taste great with the fish. Add a side of rice pilaf to complete the meal.

Step 3

Replicate the classic fish and chips meal with a cooking style that is healthier than the standard method of deep frying. Coat chunks of cod or a similar meaty fish with beaten eggs and then bread crumbs. Place the fish in a medium hot oven to cook all the way through. Make the chips portion of the dish with sweet potato or regular white potato wedges that are also cooked in the oven until they are soft on the inside and golden-brown on the outside. Add more vegetables to the meal by serving coleslaw on the plate, too.

Step 4

Fire up the grill to cook seafood and vegetables outdoors. Both fish and shellfish cook very quickly, so put the vegetables on the grill first. Sliced summer squash, tomato and asparagus all pair well with most kinds of seafood and are ideal for grill cooking. Season the seafood lightly when you grill it so that the food's full, natural flavors are highlighted. Seafood and vegetables cooked on the grill are ideal for a backyard picnic, a camping trip or a day out at the beach.

Step 5

Mix cooked seafood and vegetables in a light cream sauce to make a tasty topping for pasta. If creamy sauces aren't appealing to your family, combine the ingredients with a tomato sauce or broth to blend with the noodles. Top the mixture with a sprinkle of freshly grated cheese and chopped herbs to accent the dish. Serve it with a salad make of leafy greens and slices of fresh artisan bread.


Provide condiments like tartar sauce, vinegar and cocktail sauce on the side when you serve seafood with vegetables prepared in a simple style.

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