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Seafood - The Blend Of Health And Flavor


There is a famous saying that any food that tastes good at the mouth is unhealthy and any good that is healthy and nutritious doesn’t share the delicious flavor. Although the fact is true, there are few exceptions to the above saying. One such exceptional range of foods that has delicious flavor packed with numerous health benefits is seafood. It contains the most vital nutrients that are found very rare in other food sources. Rather, there are several nutrients that can be obtained only from the sea foods. For instance, Omega 3 oil is found only in fish.

What is called seafood

Seafood refers to any form of food derived from the sea and includes fish, octopus, edible plants, lobster, shellfish, crabs, etc. There are several plants that form part of these foods. It is not any form of meat and thus not categorized under the meaty foods, because sea foods are quite unique and it doesn’t share any heavy fleshy part to consume. Eventually it is excluded from the vegetarian and eggetarian diet. However, fish is an exceptional sea food that is included in the vegetarian diet in a few places.

Seafood the blend of health and flavor

As stated earlier, seafood caters to the nutritious requirement of the body. Across the globe, sea foods are being used as the prominent source of protein and are included in several diet plans. More than 2 million people completely rely on sea foods for their protein needs. Specifically in the western countries, coastal regions and islands, lobsters and crabs are included in the diet everyday to get the required amount of protein. Japanese are rated as the highest quantum of sea food consumers.

Omega-3 oil is found only in certain types of fish, like herring, mackerel, cod, tuna, salmon etc. Omega 3 also eliminates the bad cholesterol by reducing the elevated level of cholesterol and enable maintaining the good cholesterol. The oils found in fish act as a protective cover for heart and enables proper functioning of cardiac system. Further, it also prevents the coronary heart failure. Shellfish, starfish, etc are rich in minerals, specifically zinc, which is essential for healthy skin and fertility. A recent study on health benefits of seafood also revealed that the constant intake of sea foods aids brain development and improves the functionality.

Above all, seafood is a best range of foods that contains very low fat or even zero percent fat content, which is ultimately beneficial to the overall health.

While the benefits are numerous, seafood lovers are increasing day by day due to the delicious flavor. Anyone can obviously find the exclusive restaurants offering only the sea foods. Seafood is prepared in the restaurants dedicate to offering only the sea foods rendering the sumptuous odor and mouth watering flavor.

You cannot find any other range of foods that can offer you the variety of food stuff, with almost unlimited variations, blended with the essential nutrients in an inviting flavor.

Tips and comments

In spite of the nutritious benefits and delicious aroma and flavor of seafood, sea foods are categorized under the foods that are allergic to many people. It can create allergic reactions like inflammation, rashes, etc.

By SPDB, published at 03/20/2012
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Seafood - The Blend Of Health And Flavor. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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